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The colours of Campus 3



Pandemonium as machetes wielding youths with fresh palm leaves tied around their heads and waist took over the streets linking to the residence of Kumalo.  They all wore black trousers and white singlet. Car owners and drivers had to abandon their cars and flee to avoid molestation from the rampaging irate youths.

There was tight traffic jam on the street as they conveyed the corpse of Jumbo home for burial. The Egbesu Cult members have the sole responsibility of burying their fellow initiate. While smoking Indian hemp and drinking different colours of ogogoro in different shades of bottles, with blood shot eyes were visibly saddened and angry at the death of a very young member. Every shop on Otiotio Street was closed for safety while non initiates stood by the road side to watch the procession. They were singing and chanting war slogans as they marched on with the casket on the shoulder of six able bodied youth wearing only trousers.

Detective Peter was in their midst dressed to match. He also has a red Papas cap on and a bottle of ogogoro and

Machetes in his hands. He had followed the corpse from Enugu, though in his private Car. He had driven after the Bus that came brought Jumbos family members from Warri to carry the Corpse from UNTH Enugu. He had gotten to the local mortuary where the body was deposited before going into town to lodge at the ‘blue waters’ hotel. He came around Kumalo’s night in the night to attend the wake keeping and from there he4 had gotten the whole information he needed about the Akporjotor’s family.  Their men do not live long due to their affinity with the Egbesu cult. They have always died accidentally by the bullet. Though they are noted for their brevity and ruggedness. Kumalo had wanted to break that jinx and make a difference in his own generation that is why he decided to leave this vicinity to Enugu where he can live and graduate peacefully with his brother. Peter also learnt that Kumalo’s mother is hypertensive and lives on daily drugs to stabilize her BP.

Detective Peter was among the group today mimicking the songs they sang and dancing to the rhythm with them also. He had joined them at the Morgue when the Cultist came to carry the Corpse and had followed them thus far. The corpse was laid in state on a platform at the center of the Akporjotor’s compound and the youth danced around it pouring libations and chanting amidst gun shots in the air.

The head of the group later came to the center of the circle and signalled for attention.

Area! He called

Hey! They chorused

Area! He called louder

Hey! They chorused

Area!! He screamed and vibrated.

Hey! The chorus.

Men! Egbe don gas o! He addressed the group. Yawa don gas! Na which day we bury Oga Akporjotor the rainbow shoe here? He asked no body in particular.

Now we don come to bury him Pikin again! Na who dey do this family nah? He asked no one in particular while there were remarks here and there.

See small Jumbo Akporjotor wey just enter school yesterday here! See as dem just burst him head like coconut! Wetin he do dem?

Nothing o! Nothing! The crowd chorused.

Someone in the crowd started a song.

Na wetin he do dem?

He no do dem nothing o! The chorus

Na wetin he do dem?

He no do dem nothing o! The chorus.

Ha! This one! This one! Gentle man no dey o!

This one! This one! Gentle man no dey! The chorus.

The crowd went into another frenzied singing and jumping mode until the leader beckoned for attention again.

The crowd mellowed and in unison started to chant

We no go gree! We no go gree!

Make una wait! Make una wait! He calmed them down.

Madam Akporjotor get only two pikins! Okiemute and Jumbo! Papa Akpors don follow warri crisis waka! Now the only two children wey de give the woman hope, winch don chop one of dem! Jumbo don kpai and Okiemute de form missing in action!

We go bury Jumbo! Yes we go bury am because na we brother. After the burial, we go storm Enugu! We go storm that town to go look for Okiemute aka Kumalo. If Kumalo don Kpai also, we go find the dead body and carry am come home come bury before we know how to take revenge. Egbesu no be small children runs! We no be campus confra! We be correct witches and wizards here! No be every bird dem de chop!

Dem no de chop Vulture nah!  Wey dem? Dem de mad? Someone screamed from the crowd.

This Enugu People don chop Vulture o! He continued.dem go feel us! We go burn down that School! We be Egbesu! We be Winch! We be dead body!

This one! This one! Gentle man no dey o! This one this one gentle man no dey o! He started the song all over while the crowd started charging and cursing.

The leader suddenly stood transfixed, he stood on his toes and spun around, he spun around three times before he changed the tone of the song.

Igbokigbo! He chanted

Hey! The chorus

 Igbokigbo! He chanted

Hey! The chorus

He started chanting and jumping and the crowd went agog as they started cutting one another with their matchetes. The matches were just like mere canes on them as no one was cut.

Igbokigo! Igbokigbo! Igbokigbo! The crowd kept chanting and gyrating. Detective Peter was most unfortunate to be within the crowd at that moment as he received several machete cuts all over his body and his hands as he tried to block off the machete swipe while making his escape route out of the crowd. His head was spared because none of them tried to cut another on the head.

Peter boarded a bike and headed straight to Saint Philemon’s Hospital along PTI road and he was admitted immediately after he flashed his badge. He came back after two days at the hospital to find out that Kumalo’s mother had died of heart attack when Jumbos body was being interred. She was taken to the mortuary where her son’s body was kept while a contingent of ten members of the egbesu cult had left for Enugu to look for Kumalo.



Detectives Peter and Sandra were in the office of former ASP now SP Sunday Onche. He finally got his promotion after proving to the Police that he is mentally stable and physically competent to carry on with the police job for his mates have been Superintendants three years before now, he was in a good spirit and resplendent in his new uniform of blue and black. He also has an office to himself now.

Peter had narrated what went down at Warri to the SP and briefed him of the imminent danger facing the city by the entrance of ten members of the dreaded Egbesu cult.

Oga! Those guys were cutting and shooting at one another and nothing happened! They were just chanting Igbokigbo! Igbokigbo, and jumping about. It was like an evil spirit entered them all, sir! I was lucky o! I was not expecting the turn of events at all else i would not be in their midst at that time! Peter explained: what if they had shot at me thinking i was one of them?

Then you would have been dead meat boy! SP said: you are an undercover cop and in your line of duty, anything can happen. But thank God you are safe and healthy!

Oga! I am safe but not healthy! My back is gone! My shoulders are finished! The cuts are very deep! Each cut was stitched twelve times. If not that I  am a police officer, I would have been rejected at the hospital. Peter explained.

Which means you could have bled to death? SP asked.

Oga! You are not even feeling sorry for me! Peter challenged.

No sir! Sorry for what? That’s the job you have chosen as a career so you should accept whatever befalls you in good spirit! SP said. Meanwhile I have had my own fair share of misfortune in the line of duty.

Oga! You mean you have scars on your body as a result of the job too? Sandra asked.

Hmm! Peter! Have you guys ever wondered about the where about of my family? At least I should have a family at my age nah! Not so? He asked.

Of course your family is abroad nah! We all know that! Peter said.

SP shook his head sadly from side to side and stood up from his seat. He pockets his hands in his trousers side pockets as he paced about the room.

I was undercover at Akure eight years ago to bust a cartel farming and distributing Marijuana. I infiltrated the cartel and became one of them. The marijuana business in that part of the country was very organized. They had farms in the deepest part of the forest that people don’t venture into. It was another world in those farms. There are houses for the labourers and their families at the plantations. They are well paid and taken care of. The rules at the farms were very strict and must not be broken. The Barons were small gods! They were revered by the workers and these barons were so ruthless that they kill workers at will and bury them at the farm. The security network at the farms is likened to that of a maximum security prison.  We had such farms at Akure, Ifon and Owo communities. The Barons were high chiefs and traditional rulers in their respective climes. But I bust them after three years of working for them. I was as discreet as I could be or so I had thought. I succeeded. I was rewarded with a promotion and I was redeployed to Gusau in the north for another under cover job on smuggling between Nigeria and Niger boarders. Two months going at Gusau. I was invited to Lagos to be briefed that my wife, my four kids, my house help and my two Alsatian dogs were slaughtered over night. A note was pasted on the door of my house claiming that the attack was from Akure drug farms!

Jeez! Sandra screamed.

Peter was speechless, his jaw simply dropped.

So my guy! SP continued, that is the path we have chosen to follow. I was told I lost my mind and ran mad. I was hospitalized at the psychiatric hospital for two full years. I spent one year at rehabilitation before returning to the police three years ago. It’s been over six years now but I still look forward to waking from the night mare. How can I just loose my beautiful wife of fifteen years like that? My first son was in his third year at the Nigerian military school zaria, my second child was at Air force military school while the last two were at staff school UNILAG because my wife was a lecturer there!

I am so sorry sir! Jeez! My gawd! Ha Oga! May I sit down please? Peter asked.

Why? Sit down if you wish! SP said.

Peter and Sandra sat down and Sandra started to sob.

Sir! Your family was wiped out in the course of your job and you still remained on the job? Peter asked.

Yes! They are the only family I have left. The police took care of me when I was sick. I was given the best medical attention until I regained sanity. Even my family members and in-laws abandoned me for madness. The police alone did not desert me. My in-laws blamed me and my job for the death of their daughter and grand children. I had kept my family with my wife safe in Lagos while I was moving around with the job. I never knew that just when we think we are safest, we are actually most vulnerable!

It is six years altogether now, Sandra said; sir, do you have any plans to start a new family?

So that they will be wiped off again? SP snapped

Haba! Oga no nah! That was six years ago nah, you need to move on, Sandra persisted. You cannot say because you fell from a horse you would not climb the horse again nah!

My dear! Fall pass fall! You see this fall ehn? I am not going to re climb the Horse. SP said; enough about me now! Let’s get back to where we were. Where were we?

Sandra and Peter jumped up to their feet.

Peter! From what you have said, there is red alert in town now! Isn’t it? SP asked.

Yes sir! The Egbesu boys must be located and arrested before they reach Okiemute!

And how do you plan to achieve that? SP asked.

We have been to the Edo line motor park! Sandra continued; we found out that they had arrived town in two station wagon cars while a third car was driven by the one of them who we suspect to be the leader of the cult. They chartered two cabs to the IMT campus two. We went there and tried to look for clues but no head way yet.

We also went to Okiemute’s class to know his close friends, especially those from Delta state. We are keeping tab on three of them in case the Egbesu makes contact with any of them. Peter said.

Do the students know where Okiemute is at now? SP asked

That, I cannot be affirmative! But none of them have visited the hospital yet Sandra said.

Okay! Continue to nose around for clues. Meanwhile what about the boys that attacked Okiemute? Have you arrested them yet? SP asked

Not yet sir! Okiemute only knows the face of the one he fought with, he also gave us a name ‘Stanley’ as being called at the scene of the crime when he was pretending to be dead. His information cannot help us much for now but we will build on it. Peter said.

And you said the boy is not a cultist! SP said.

He claims he is not a campus cultist but acknowledges being a member of the Egbesu back home and I have confirmed that to be true. Peter said.

And which is worse? SP asked.

Ha! Oga!

SP started to laugh. I am joking boy! I know a lot about the Egbesu than you do. Okay. Em, we are at a cross road here, the scenario is dicey. Do you know the name of the confraternity that attacked the boy?

Not exactly sir! But we have narrowed it down to either of the Black Panther or the hawks. Sandra said.

And why these two? SP asked

Our internal source told us sir! Peter said.

And who and what is your internal source? SP asked.

We are sorry sir! That is our ‘joker’ for now! Sandra said.

Okay! I respect that! SP said. Now get back to work and close up all these gaps in your case. Let’s clear up this mess now before it forms a big shit! You are dismissed!

Sandra and Peter saluted and left the office.



Initiation ceremony; members of the hawks confraternity are dancing around a burn fire on a cleared platform in the middle of the forest, they are surrounded by trees and shrubs and below the elevated plateau is a running stream. The stream must be crossed before accessing the plateau upon which is the shrine in the wilderness, the initiation ground.

Sentries are strategically position from the beginning of the forest entrance to the bank of the stream. The sentries are armed with bull dogs or a 7 and a torch light. The number 7 is the code for a portable axe. The sentries are replaced hourly to avoid anyone falling asleep on duty.

The sentries hide within shrubs or they climb up a tree so as to be hidden from those approaching the wilderness but they can see anyone approaching in the dark. Once an approaching person is about ten yards to the sentries position he lets out the cry ‘who goes there’? The person approaching must reply ‘Ahoy’! Else the bulldog will bark. And when the bulldog barks, somebody go die! That is how it works. Any anomaly observed by the sentry must be reported quickly to the initiation ground lord for immediate regulation.

Four new civilians were lying blind folded on the floor of the ground. They wore only boxers and their bodies glistered in the dark reflecting the ray from the burning fire. The men were in a jolly mood dancing and chanting.

If you sabi dance o!


Make you dance am well o!


If you sabi hammer!


Make you hammer well o!


If you sabi kosa!


Make you kosa well o!


Because anything you be o!

Na your own!

Anything you be o!

Na your own!

If you like be axe man!

Na your own!

If you like be bucket!

Na your own!

If you like be 2.2!

Na your own!

If you like be eiye!

Na you own!

Stanley was leading the sale and his boys were taking the chorus. After several songs, Stanley came to the center of the circle and called the forum to order.

Hawks of the sky! He chanted

Higher! Higher! Higher! The chorus

Hawks of the sky! He shouted

Higher! Higher! Higher! The chorus

Yes! You are welcome to another night of jolly and tinini! As you can see, we are growing! We have four new rats to tinini tonight!

He started a short song

We are going higher day by day!

The hawks are going higher day by day why not join us!

We are going higher day by day!

The hawks are going higher day by day why not join us! The chorus.

Where is Egbe please? Stanley asked. I can’t see him here tonight, it is already 2.00AM.

The men looked among themselves

He is not here me lordy! Someone said

Egbe is not here tonight? Stanley asked no one in particular

Maybe he is sick! Another person said.

Sick of what? Stanley asked. We were together at Nkutu ume this evening. Well, that is by the way!

Egbe has fucked up again o! We went for a hit to eliminate those Jew men that disgraced him weeks ago! It was his responsibility to silence the guys especially the one that beat him up but after shooting at the guys, the younger brother died instantly but the main guy was still breathing but bleeding profusely. I told Egbe to finish the guy off with his bulldog or using 7 to chop off his head but he insisted he wanted the guy to die a slow and painful death! I tell am say all did na die! He no gree! He brushed the guy severally on the head and we left the guy to die in the pool of his blood! It was his call, not mine! So I had to follow his decision. Now the guy did not die! He is currently receiving treatment under police surveillance at the UNTH. The Police and the man’o’war will be after us now. Is vicious here! He suddenly asked. Vicious! The man ‘o’ war! Come forward.

Me Lordy! Vicious answered and stepped into the center.

Vicious, what is the man ‘o’ war saying about this issue at hand.

Vicious; real name Henry Edozie is an ND 2 mass communication student. He is nineteen years old and an only child. His father is the commissioner for works in Ebonyin state.

Our presido said it is a case of two cults clash. He said four men died. The two brothers and two unknown soldiers. He also said that that the clash is between us the BP. Vicious said.

Which kind nonsense talk be that? Stanley asked. Where did your preside get that kind of information from?

I don’t know me lordy! Vicious answered.

It’s a lie! He is giving you guys’ false information because he does not trust you. That guy is a war veteran so we must be wary of him. I am sure he told you guys to report any suspicious thing or people to him abi? Stanley asked.

Exactly me lordy!

We need to move in on the guy at UNTH! We need to finish him off! He knows Egbe facially and can be used by the police to hunt us. And I can remember that stupid Egbe calling my real name instead of my bush name at the scene. Egbe is not here tonight! He is supposed to be here! He is supposed to follow us for the UNTH mission this morning.

Meanwhile, vicious and Dagger will accompany me to UNTH in the morning. We will go with food flasks as if we are his friends. Once we see him face to face, we will silence him with the pillow or any other weapon within reach in the hospital. I will have my bulldog with me just in case things get out of hand. Dagger where you dey? Stanley called out.

A lanky fellow came out with his black trousers, black T shirt and blue beret.

Me lordy! He greeted.

Are you good to go? Stanley asked him.

I am ever gallant! Me lordy! He replied bouncing on his feet.

I trust you Dagger! You no de slack! Stanley commended

Where is the ground Lord? Stanley asked.

I de here o! I dey arrange wood for the fire! Some one answered from behind the circle of men. He came forward with a bundle of sticks which he dumped into the burning fire.

Ngwa! Ngwa! Take care of these rats! Stanley said and  left the circle center to light up a wrap of igbo.

Scatter is the ground lord. He is in charge of the initiation of new entrants and the general preparation of the wilderness prior to any meeting like tonight’s.

He went and kicked the first body lying blind folded on the ground.

Stand up! He commanded,

The young man stood up

Wetin be your name? Scatter asked

Paschal! The young man answered

Who bring you come here? He asked

No body sir! Paschal replied.

So na only you waka come? Scatter asked

Yes sir!

You dey lie! Scatter said slapping him across the face

Paschal fell over but quickly got up and stood backing Scatter

Turn around! Scatter commanded.

What is your full name?

Pascal Alozie sir!

Where are you from?

I am from Nkwere in Imo state sir! Paschal was shaking fearfully.

So why do you want to fly with us? Scatter asked

I love your people and their swag on campus! They are the most powerful and I also like your colour! I have been toasted by other runs but I prefer the hawks!  Paschal said.

Una hear am? Scatter asked out loud. He said he preferred the Hawks!

The men in the circle clapped for paschal whistling and making cat cries.

Oya rugged this man! Rugged this man! Scatter commanded as he jumped out of the circle himself. The circle of men closed in on Paschal with fresh canes cut from the forest tress in their hands .They flogged him all over his bare body. Paschal screamed in pain, he tried to run but was kicked back into the circle; he fell to the ground rolling as canes rained on him severally until the floggers became tired and their canes had been reduced to mere short sticks. However two men were positioned to ensure the new initiate does not fall into the fire. The remaining rats were given similar treatment with fresh canes already cut in the evening and piled up by the river bank by the ground lord. They were later given the oath of allegiance and secrecy and welcomed to the fold by every member present. They were thought how to claw and greet a fellow Hawk. The next morning, the new recruits were made to fly their beret on clean shaven head and walk round the school premises together. Who no go, no go know!


Members of the Egbesu cult met for a round table discussion at Brifina Guest house along Abakaliki road close to IMT campus 2. Assorted hot drinks and different brands of cigarette were displayed on the tables. As they discuss, they exhaled thick smoke into the atmosphere to further deplete the earth’s ozone layer.

They were dressed casually except for the leader Jato who wore a white beret of a white T shirt and red jeans trousers. His left fingers are adorned with mysterious rings made from animal skin sewn together with black tread. Even the bangles he wore look diabolically strange.

He poured the content of the black label in front of him into a glass cup and gulped down the content. He closed his eyes and shook his head as he allowed the content to go down his throat.

Yes! Una welcome once again! Amici!

Amici! They replied.

It is four days now that we have been in Enugu combing the city for information. Each group has presented their findings to me and I have summarized everything so that we now have a plan to execute.

Number one! Okiemute is alive! He is receiving treatment at UNTH. He is under Police surveillance and every visitor is being frisked and interrogated by the police before seeing him.

Two out of three students that went to visit him two days ago were arrested and suspected to be on a mission to rescue him.

The man ‘o’ war girl Emilia has being very helpful. Rukewe in getting down with her seriously and the relationship has been fruitful. She told Rukewe that the Hawks are the guys that hit Kumalo and Jumbo. She has given him the names and pictures of some of the members of the Hawks including those that are members of the man ‘o’ war. Well done so far Rukewe, but I hope this babe would not make you forget why we are here? Because the rate you are grooving the city with this girl it’s like you never see yellow babe before!

The men all laughed and hailed Rukewe.

But Bros Jato, how you take know nah? One of the boys asked.

Imagine Rukewe to tell me say he want to write Poly jamb again so that he go come school for IMT! Rukewe wey no finish secondary school! No be for SS2 dem expel am for Don Domingos?

The men laughed heartily.

Bros forget that thing o! Rukewe said; I get my WAEC result o! I don write WAEC as external candidate and the result pure die!

Na lie! Jato shouted; you mean am?

Yes nah bros! Some one else offered; na me and Rukewe write WAEC for the same school as external candidates for that year! Na for Saint Michaels we write am and our two results pure die!

As as how nah! Jato protested; una know book? See una eyes! How una result take dey pure?

Bros forget that thing o! Who no go, no go know o! Rukewe said.

Na true! Na true! The Boss said; yes! As I was saying, the police that arrested those boys at UNTH accused them of being Egbesu boys who have come to scatter the campus to avenge the death of Jumbo. This means that the police are aware of our presence in this town!

But how nah? Rukewe protested. How police take sabi nah? Dem be winch?

Never under estimate the efficiency of the Nigerian police if they are ready to work! The Boss said

Meanwhile we now have a list of those that hit our brothers. Jumbo is dead and Kumalo is hospitalized. We shall work on the list to know the homes and departments of the lords of the Hawks, we need to know when they are meeting on Campus, and we will weigh options and know the right time to strike. At least five of them must kpai! Including one from the man ‘o’ war!

We shall leave only three men here while the rest of us will return home. Rukewe! Sampson and pastor! You guys will remain here and do a clean job of hitting those guys. Rukewe, I put you in charge here! He pulled out a bangle from his wrist. Take this and wear it when you are in charge, you must not wear it in my presence and when you return to Warri, don’t wear it until you see me and hand it over, do you understand me?

Yes Boss! I know the drill. There can’t be two captains in a ship! Rukewe said as he pockets the band.

Good! The rest of us will go home and give Kumalo’s mother, our mother a befitting burial according to our Urhobo tradition. We will hand over the corps to the family tomorrow for proper burial.

Look Rukewe! Don’t forget you are to leave this town immediately after the operation! Don’t be carried away by the man ‘o’ war girl o!

I know boss! But I fit invite her come Waffi nah! Rukewe stated.

No! Let everything that happened in Enugu remain in Enugu! Boss stated and stood up to use the convenience.

Idiot boy! Why you want invite her come Waffi? What of your babe for Warri? Pastor asked .

I go code her nah! I fit keep her for your bunk! Rukewe said.

Idiot! See your head! Wetin i go tell my own babe? Pastor asked.

You go tell her say na you sister nah! Rukewe said.

Na now I sabi say you don de kolo! You don see any person wey yellow for my family? How I want to take explain the girl complexion? Pastor asked.

You  go say na your mama family! Rukewe said.

My mama family people black pass my papa family! Pastor said and the party stared laughing and puffing.

Jato returned from the convenience

So na Igbo girl you dey trip for now? He asked Rukewe.

Boss! This girl sweet die! She dey scatter my head like say I never see woman before! Bros the girl body be like Angel own!

Idiot! You don see Angel body before? Pastor countered.

Well, I trust you sha and that is why I am putting you in charge of the operation here. If not, na you I for first depot. But I know say you rugged and you get sense. But if you fuck up? I go treat your fuck up wella!

So my men! We will split up as we leave town tomorrow, we would leave in batches of two and board different vehicles to Warri. We will all meet at Richard’s Barbing saloon at 6.00PM tomorrow evening.

Correct boss! You be the master planner! Rukewe teased.

Commot for there Kewe! Stupid boy! Pastor teased him as he fills his glass from the bottle of hot drink in front of him and gulps down the content. He started using the glass to tap on the bottle rhythmically, others soon joined and Rukewe started to sale.

My mama tell me say! He sang

Iyoo! Tell me say iyoo! The chorus

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The Colours of Campus 3


The president of the school’s internal security team, the Man ‘o’ War is a serving Soldier who is on a five years study leave. He is a Sergeant in the Nigerian Army Infantry corps. He had gone for three United Nations and Ecomog sponsored military operations in Liberia, Sierra Lean and Somalia. He had to seek for a study leave in order to elongate his life span because it seemed he was destined for dangerous operations. His plan was to leave the Military upon graduation from school and secure a civil job. The other members of the Man ‘o’ war team are civilian students who joined the organization for varying reasons.

Pascal is the Vice president of the Association. He is a coded member and a Lord of the Black Panthers confraternity. He is very smart and as cunning as the fox.

Kofi is the PRO of the association, he is a Ghanaian and as dark as they come, he is very blunt and strict and could smell out the bad guy in a crowd. He is the most respected and feared by the students because he does not compromise like other members who would easily look the other way when a crime is being perpetrated as long as the palm has been greased.

Emilia is a beautiful shapely girl in her mid twenties who likes to wear her Man ‘o’ war uniform every day. It makes her feel good because her curves are very conspicuous in the tight green khaki. She has slept with half of the male lecturers in the school in order to get good grades because she is not always in class for lectures or assignments; she belonged to the non academic student’s category. She is the most visible Man ‘o’ war member on campus and the least respected. She is the welfare officer of the team.

The remaining  members of the Man ‘o’ war are coded members of the various confraternities on campus. The only clean member is Kofi. Even the president is careful about issues concerning cultism. He says to himself that he did not die in the military operations he had participated in so he cannot afford to allow some miscreant civilians to put a bullet hole in his head on campus so he tries to act as a mediator when ever there is a cult clash. He prays daily for protection and guidance until the day he graduates from the school.

Sergeant Afolabi Mattew aka ‘Presido’ was briefing his team of twenty seven students inside the Man ‘o’ war conference hall.

Man o war! We! He called

Wa! The chorus

We! He called

Wa! The chorus!

Gentlemen, there is going to be trouble again o! We got information that two cult groups clashed three nights ago leading to the death of four students who live off campus! Two of them are brothers belonging to rival cults. Information has it that the brothers shot themselves. The other two died in action. We need to shine our eyes very well because they will definitely bring the fight into the campus! Exams are approaching and we all want to graduate in peace! Abi who no want to graduate here?

No one answered.

Please call me immediately you notice any suspicious person or group of persons. Remember, don’t act like a hero! I am the only one licensed to carry a gun here so don’t risk your lives. Kofi! Please we need you now as usual. Strange guys will start coming into our campus as mercenaries so please watch out for them.

Preside does not know that twenty five of his team members have different types of locally made pistols in their possession.



The relaxation spot of the school’s second campus located at Independence layout Enugu.

About thirty shops built in a U shape with a large field at the centre for parking. Each shop sells beverages, snacks and stationeries and are always filled up with students. Only non alcoholic beverages were allowed by the school authority to be sold there. Alcohol is only sold at the Staff Canteen at Campus 2. The shops have extended canopies used as sit-outs by customers. These sit-outs are also used as meeting points for students of common interest.

Today, five Hench men of the Black Panthers Confraternity meet. Headed by Ugochukwu Wali ‘The Don’ Ugo is rivers state born from the Ikwere tribe. He is popularly called ‘Danladi’ because of his proficiency in speaking the hausa language and having lived there for some years. Danladi was formally a student union president at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria but was rusticated because of student union activities. He had spear headed a revolt by the student due to poor hostel facilities. The revolt resulted in massive destruction of school properties.

He later got admission into the Bayero University Kano and started all over but was ran off in his third year because he was wanted as  the man that set BUK on fire which led to the death of three students and five police men. He had gotten probation at the end of his second year in his new school because records showed that he did not write many of his examinations. Ugochukwu actually wrote his examinations and did all his tests, but he just joined the school politics and had started spreading his radical views among the students. The student’s level of awareness was on the increase and they have started campaigning on having Ugo as the new student union president.

When all efforts by Ugo to get his real result failed, he knew he was being set up and it was time for him to leave the northern schools so on his last night in Kano the Administrative block of the school was engulfed in an inferno that razed it down. Some students and security personnel were trapped and killed in the rubble.  All fingers pointed at Ugo and he had to run out of Kano.

Danladi came down to the east to start afresh at the Institute of Management and Technology IMT. He did not want to be involved in school politics so he joined the Black Panthers and maintained a low profile.

During the political transmission of 2006 and 2007 when the apex government was trying to secure a third term in office, he was among the body guards used by politicians for protection and to unleash mayhem on rivals. His ability to speak the three major languages in Nigeria endeared him to the politicians and he made a lot of money recruiting thugs for them. Eventually his Chairman won the elections and he settled all the bad boys without rancour. On his resumption for his HND program he came as a very big boy and was unanimously made the Don of the Panthers. Danladi has been able to keep the Panthers out of trouble since he became the Don and he desired to do so until he graduates. He spends his money to help the broke guys in his fold and lends them money too. He has four buses that shuttle between Campus 2 and 3 conveying students and remitting weekly returns to him. He is in HND 1 Accountancy, he lives off campus and drives a clean Toyota Camry 2.0 1998 model.

He is seated with four other Lords including Pascal the Man ‘o’ war VP.

Pascal was talking;

 Guys! There is problem o! The information we have is that there is a cult clash between us and the Hawks which has led to the death of four students including the so called Kumalo and his brother plus two unknown soldiers!

Haba! Danladi exclaimed. But we are not at war with any one nah! Who dey spread this rumour? Now the police and the Man ‘o’ war will be on out trail, which kind nonsense be dis nah?

We need to meet in the wilderness quickly to inform our Soldiers of this development and warn them to stir out of any trouble! They should be mindful of what they do or say hence forth! Kevwe said. Kevwe is the second man of the Panther, he is the Capone.

We all know that the Hawk is responsible for the hit, not after that guy humiliated Egbe! But who is bringing us in? Kevwe asked aloud.

I think it is better we leave our soldiers out of it for now! Danladi suggested. Let keep it with the Lords for now. The less they know, the better for them, we know those of them to carry along. I will go to the Police officers mess and talk to one or two persons. I need to set the records straight to avoid massive arrest of our soldiers and us too. The police need to know where to look and not to go on random sampling which will affect so many innocent people. The Hawks hit those guys and by so doing, they should bear the consequence! I don’t want anything to happen to me or any of my men.

The owner of the shop came and asked what the students wanted to eat or drink.

Give us meat pie and Fayrouz! Danladi said.

Why una no dey sell beer here sef? Kevwe asked.

The owner laughed; na una school policy nah! He said as he went for their order.

Well, me I dey with a small bottle of Goskolus for my pocket o! Kevwe said as he brought out a flat transparent bottle containing locally distilled gin. He placed it on the table and covered it with an exercise book. It will be fun to mix this with the fayrouz he said.

Correct guy! Correct guy! Others commended.

So what do we do now? Asked Maxwell, the number three man who has being quiet all the while but had been busy scanning the environment for any suspicious moves. He is the ‘Slaughter’ of the Panther and the chief ‘hit man’. He is the son of the school’s registrar. He has nine deaths to his credit and still counting. Maxwell single handily ended an ensuing Cult clash rampage when he was in ND 2 by inviting the heads of the warring factions for a peace talk at a Hotel at Achara Layout. The four heads are yet to return till date and that ended the war then. He is easily the deadliest on Campus. He seldom talks and so he is unpredictable, he does not drink nor smoke and he does not have a girl friend. Even Danladi does not pray to be in Maxwell’s black book.

Who do we need to take out? He asked again.

We are not taking any one out Max! Danladi cautioned. We only need to be vigilant.

But we are being framed here! Max persisted.

Yes! I think so too, Danladi said; but from my source, only Kumalo’s brother was killed, Kumalo is still missing in action. We need to reach Kumalo before any one does! The Police, the Man ‘o’ war and the Hawks will be looking for Kumalo now!

But how will those stupid wingless Hawks just kill a Jew man like that? A common Jew man! For their mind now dem don pull hit be that o! Who told them to install a weakling as Capone? He was talking to himself. Maxwell.

The shop owner brought their Order. Kevwe brought out the mixer. The shop owner saw it and feigns ignorance. It was better than some other unruly group that came to buy three sticks of cigarette and ended up mixing and smoking it with five parcels of Indian hemp publicly.



Detectives Peter and Sandra entered the building; they went to the receptionist desk and flashed their badges before making enquiries. They were directed to the office of the Chief Consultant.

The Chief consultant is a bespectacled old Lady in her sixties. Her face has multiple colours as a result of several years of rubbing make ups, some part of the face looked burnt, other areas are permanently coloured in red, green and black. She does no longer make up again as her face is permanently made giving her the most ferocious and funny look ever because she was always aggressive and angry.

The Detectives flashed their badges as they entered her office and introduced them selves and their mission.

You are different from the people that brought him here! She declared. And what do you want with him? She directed the question at Peter. Peter almost laughed at her face, it was like a hungry Fox chewing Kola nut. The colour of her teeth cannot be gotten in any colour brochure. Peter nodded at Sandra.

You are quite right Madam, Sandra offered; the patrol team that brought him here were on a routine job. They relayed their findings to our headquarters and HQ disseminated to every station. That is standard procedure. Now we are the detectives covering the institute of Management and technology and we have been assigned to take up the case ma! We have been on this for about two weeks now.

Hmm? The Consultant looked at the detectives again through the rim of her glasses. When she stared at Peter, he could not hold it any longer. He busts out laughing. And he excused himself from the office.  Sandra took thirty minutes to plead and pacify the Chief consultant. Eventually she collected and made photocopies of their police ID cards and their detective badges, she made several frantic phone calls before ushering them to the ward where Kumalo was admitted.

He was brought here almost dead two weeks ago by your patrol team at night. The young man was shot in the stomach, he was very lucky that no vital organ was damaged, just perforation of the intestines and the abdominal walls. He has survived! He is very strong willed. She explained to them on their way to the ward.

She opened the door to the ward and asked the nurse in the ward a few questions.

Kumalo was lying on his back. His abdomen was wrapped in bandages and there were bruises on the sides of his face. A pack of drip containing yellowish liquid hung above his head discharging its contents gradually into his body. His right ankle was cuffed to the metal beam of the metallic 6 by 6 inches bed.

I wonder why you people put that thing on his foot! Chief snapped.

It is standard procedure! Sandra said.

This annoyed the Chief and she became furious, she faced Peter to complain but peter pointed at Sandra and backed out to laugh some more.

Do you think he will run away in his condition? She asked Sandra; you could have one of your men stationed at the door of the ward to guard him instead of chaining him down like this! With this on his foot how do you expect him to turn around and change position? Don’t you know this will have an adverse effect on his body? Now Sandra saw why Peter was laughing but she pinched herself hard and she screamed out of pain so as to distract the woman.

What is wrong with you? Chief asked with concern.

It is cramps ma! Sandra said. I had a running stomach this morning, Sandra clutched at her stomach. I will be okay ma! She said. And ma, we do not have enough man power. We did not make the rules ma, we simply follow!

Like Zombies abi? Chief asked.

Yes ma! Like Zombie! Peter answered from behind as he joined them in the room.

You this silly detective! By the time I inject you with Amonia, you will have the laugh of your life! Silly boy! Please i will leave you now and you have just ten minutes to do what ever you want with him but note that this is a hospital and not a police station! If you do any how here, you will see any how!

Yes ma! Peter saluted.

The consultant left, peter pulled a spare seat and sat by the left side of the bed while Sandra went and stood y the right, she checked the cuff on Kumalo’s ankle to see if it was tight or loose.

Hello! I am detective Peter of the state CID and beside you is Sandra my partner. We are on top of your case and we hope you would be able to assist us. We need to catch up with the guys that did this to you and killed your brother.

Where is my brother’s body now? Kumalo asked

He is still at the mortuary, your people have been contacted and they will be coming for the corpse tomorrow. Peter said.

When will he be buried? Kumalo asked

We don’t know for now until your people arrive! Sandra offered

Kumalo started to cry painfully because his stomach wound was yet to heal.

Please don’t over work yourself! Peter advised. Everything will be okay. It is your own protection that is important to us now. Those that killed your brother will want to silence you at all cost since you were supposed to be dead too. Isn’t it? Peter asked.

Sir! Kumalo called through clenched teeth.

Yes? Peter answered.

If I should survive this attack ehn?  Ha! Oga blood go flow o! Imagine they just killed Jumbo like say na fowl! Just because of two fighting o! Ha! Oga i be waffi boy o! My eyes don see tire oga!

Please take it easy Okiemute! Sandra said. That is why we are here! Please give us names! But first of all, are you one of them? I mean which cult doo you belong to?

I don’t belong to any cult here! Kumalo answered.

Do you belong to any cult any where? Peter asked.

I be Egbesu boy for home! That na normal runs for home. Jumbo and I are members! Oga! The thing wey this boys do so na big insult to Egbesu! It is better they vamoose from this earth before I well o!

Stop talking like that Okiemute! Do you realize we are police detectives? Sandra cautioned.

Na today? Kumalo asked. Which kind police detective? Where were you guys when we were shot? You never see the Nigerian police when ever you need them! He said

But the police saw you and brought you here nah? Sandra countered.

The police did not see me first else I would be dead by now! Kumalo corrected. It was a hunter that saw me! The man just left here now, he comes here daily to see me. The man told me that the police collected two thousand naira from him to fuel their Van before they brought me here. When i regained consciousness, I realized that all the money in my pocket, my wrist watch and my neck chain were not on me and the hospital said the police did not give them any of my belongings. Only my school ID card was left in my wallet, even the two pieces of gold circle condom that I always carried in my wallet was gone! Taken by your men!

Peter shook his head sadly. I am sorry Okiemute, please can you give me the address of the hunter that rescued you? We will need to meet with him.

I don’t know his number but you can get it from the nurses here, they have his contact detail. Kumalo said.

Okay! Now back to why we are here, kindly give us the full gist of what led to the attack on you and your younger brother!

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The Colours of Campus 3



KUMALO stumbled, got up, ran and stumbled some more times before stopping to catch his breath. Looking backwards to ascertain if his assailants were still on his trail.

He removed his palm from the gun wound he had sustained in the stomach. His palm was sticky with clotted blood; his shirt was covered with his blood, fresh blood oozed as he panted. He would die if he does not get help soonest. He trotted on, limping painfully. He was being sapped of his remaining energy for every step he took made him weaker. He knew the end had come, it was night, and the street was serene and deserted of all activities. No bike or Cab to hail at such unholy hour, it was past midnight.

Half spent, he crawled to the edge of the road and sat down clutching his stomach, the pain was excruciating, he could not even shout for help, he tried it but no sound came out of his mouth, he was breathing through the mouth.

The bullet had actually ripped his stomach through the right and came out from the left before nailing his brother Jumbo who was reading his book on the head spilling blood and grey matter all over the wall and reading table. Such a gory sight as Jumbo was killed without any premonition.

If Kumalo had not lain down and pretended to be dead, his assailant would have finished him, but had left him to die in the pool of his blood as he lay down, arms spread out and legs contorting before rigor mortis. When he got up, he saw his younger brother’s face still showing surprise with eyes open and mouth agape. The side of the head where the bullet had ripped in was a dark hollow as its content had gushed out splattered on the wall and reading table. It had happened so fast, he never saw it coming but now he knows from where it came.

He had gotten into a fight two days before the incident at the school’s Cafeteria with a strange fellow who was bullying Jumbo his younger brother. They were on queue to buy food when the fellow came and jumped the queue, he went straight to the counter and ordered for a plate of food, other Students who knew the fellow did not say anything but Jumbo was a Jambite and he spoke out. He went and met the fellow and admonished him for not being civil. He got a smack on the face for his boldness. It was the moment Kumalo walked into the hall and a fight ensued between Kumalo and the Capone of the Supreme Hawks fraternity. They call him “The Kite” or “Egbe”. Kumalo beat him in the fight by raising him up and hitting him on the ground twice. Kumalo and Jumbo had to run away when he was told by some boys to run for his life before Egbe’s boys come into the Cafe.

He had thought it ended there; he went to school the next day and everything was normal, he felt like a hero when he entered his class room and some boys started to praise him for his bravado. The news was all round the Campus that a common civilian, a stinking Jew man had disgraced the lord of the Hawks! It was like a sacrilege.  The Hawks were the most revered Confraternity on Campus, their arc rival “The Black Panthers” would laugh at them. The Blood brothers and the Burkinafaso (Sons of Sankara) confraternities would ridicule them. The supreme Eiye confraternity in their minority would pout at them, The Buccaneer and the Vikings would spit in front of anywhere they are gathered and walk off. A common Jew beating the Lord of the Hawks “Egbe” the Kite in public, slamming him upon tables and chairs in the Cafeteria! The height of insults!


That same night in the heart of Ugwuaji forest behind independence layout. The dark forest where different confraternities hold their meetings, they call it “the Wilderness”. When ever there was a clash between Cults in the day time and the Police appear, Ugwuaji forest is the escape zone as no police dare enter there in the day or at night. Those living in the communities surrounding the small forest are used to hearing the songs of the Cultists when they meet in the forest at night. They are also used to seeing strange faces entering the forest an night and leaving in the early hours of the morning flying their colours with their beret and concealed weapons.

Egbe sat face down at the middle of the circle formed by his men, there was a burn fire at the center behind Egbe, he sat of the walking stick that doubles as a sword and the handle is collapsible into a platform for sitting when the blade is buried in the earth. It was his late father’s sword of honour worn for his meritorious service in the Nigerian Navy.

Eeeeeeeeweleoooooo!!! He chanted

Hmmmmmmmmmmm! The chorus

Eeeeeeeeeweletiantian! He chanted

Hmmmmmmmmmmm! The chorus

Hawks of the sky! He chanted

Higher! Higher! Higher! The chorus

Higher! Higher! Higher! He chanted

Hawks of the sky! The chorus

My men! Lords and marines! “Ewu ataa m igu n’isi” The goat has eaten my hair! I have been humiliated in the most bizarre way! Chai! A whole me! “Egbe”! A common Jew! I am yet to come to terms with how that guy did it!

How the guy did what? Stanley the butcher interrupted him!

I mean, I think the guy used jazz on me? Egbe said.

How nah? Asked the butcher; person beat you hands down! He use you sweep the cafeteria! Now you say he used jazz! Which kain jazz? I beg you don fall our hands! You don disgrace the whole Hawks for Campus! You don clip our wings! Butcher continued; it would have been better for you not to fight that guy than to disgrace us! You are no longer worthy to be number one!

Hawks of the sky! The number four man, Chester Nwokolo, the Judge chanted

Higher! Higher! Higher! The chorus

By the power vested on me by the council of the Lords of the sky, I hereby declare that “Egbe” be dethroned as “Lord of the Hawks” and Stanley “The Butcher” to ascend to the throne of the “Lord of the Hawks “

Stanley is to redress all fuck ups and redeem our image on Campus! This is to be done within twenty four hours!

Hawks of the Sky!

Higher! Higher! Higher!

The Judge stepped forward and removed the band of leadership from the hand of Egbe and wore it on the right hand of Stanley

You Stanley Muojekwu! AKA Stagger! Formerly butcher of the Hawks Confraternity! From today till the day you die, I hereby pronounce you as “Lord of the Hawks” in this University and beyond! You are to lead us through thick and thin and make sure our face is not rubbed on the mud. The Hawks interest comes first before any other in your life!

He collected the walking stick from “Egbe” and handed over to Stanley. Your first speech as the number one my lord, he bows.

Stanley steps to the centre stage and coughs to get attention.

Hawks of the sky! He chanted

Higher! Higher! Higher! The chorus

Higher! Higher! Higher! He chanted

Hawks of the sky! The chorus

He went into a session of jolly songs which the members danced to while dancing around the burn fire.

Hawks of the sky! He shouted

Higher! Higher! Higher! The chorus

Yes! This is a new era! Stanley addressed the house. My own Bible na old testament, and it says “an eye for an eye” a tooth for a tooth” but for me na “an eye for two eyes” and “a tooth for two teeth”

Those two Jew men must die!

Yes! Yes! They must die! The chorus

That will serve as a deterrent to every other Mosquito in the Campus that wants to try us! I will personally lead the operation this time tomorrow night, Egbe will be there to redeem his image, Sparrow and Eagle will accompany us for the hit. I know where the two lives at Trans Ekulu, in a boys quarter occupied by students. Meanwhile Egbe! For bringing shame unto this house, you are fined a bottle of schnapps and a general jumping by the house! Come to the center!

Egbe went to center stage and was mauled by members of the house flogging and kicking him while he hopped about falling and getting up.


The only thing that kept him alive was his hope for an opportunity to avenge the death of Jumbo his only sibling. He had persuaded his mother to allow Jumbo to come to Enugu to school so he could protect and fend for him. He could not keep his promise, Jumbo has been killed and he narrowly escaped instant death himself. He could recognize the voice of Egbe whom he had fought with in the Cafeteria, Egbe had called on a certain Stanley to confirm that they were actually dead. He knew they were about four that came for the hit but he heard the name Stanley being called and he recognized Egbe’s voice. He recollected Stanley saying ‘an eye for two eyes’! Rest in pieces the two of you! Next time you reincarnate, you will revere the Hawks of the sky! Stinking Jew men! Stanley had kicked him severally at the sides of his head before kicking dead jumbo to the floor.

How would he and his younger brother just die like that? He pondered in his agony. And what was his offence? Nothing! As long as he was concerned, it was a case of ‘two fighting’ an every day occurrence in Warri. Does it tantamount to a death sentence? If these Cultists were actually strong boys as they claim to be, why did they not challenge him to a duel? Why should they be killed? Did they kill anybody? His thoughts were running wild. He refused to close his eyes even though he was feeling very drowsy. He knew it was an easy way to die off and he was not ready to meet his maker now. He refused to die. He thought of his mother loosing two children at once. The father was murdered during the last Warri crisis. His corpse was among those conveyed with wheel barrows to the mass burial site at jakpa. He was recognised by his shoe. His father has only one shoe that he got from the white man he served as a cook in Chevron estate. The shoe is multi coloured and his mates used to refer to his father’s shoe as ‘rainbow shoe’ he wore the shoe every day for the last six years he spent before his painful death. The father was buried with the shoe among other corpses but the shoe resurrected after some days and became the property of ‘old soja’ a popular drunken retired soldier in Warri who had no family. No one dared accused old soja of robbing the dead because they were all afraid of the outcome. Old soja knows everything about everybody and was not afraid to say anything anywhere. But old soja does not talk anyhow, even when he is filled with alcohol he only vituperates about his escapades in the army.

Kumalo had taken to hawking and street hustling to support his mother who sells smoked fish at the front of their house at Otiotio Street. He graduated into small scale kidnapping of white men working with the oil companies and making good money from ransoms paid. When there were no more white men to kidnap, they resorted to collecting development fees from the companies’ resident in Warri and from any prospective builder. This continued until the state legislature prohibiting the collection of development fee was established. A special task force was set up to arrest youths that cause disturbance as a result of any company’s refusal to pay the ‘deve’ fee.

He then joined the oil pipe line vandals; this was the most profitable adventure he had ventured into but with a high inherent risk. He escaped three major pipe line explosions that claimed thousands of lives all together in the Niger-delta region of Nigeria. It was the last pipe line explosion at Ekpan that made Kumalo decides to leave Warri and go back to school, having been initially rusticated from the federal polytechnic Auchi for cult activities and kidnapping. They had kidnapped the son of a politician and were still waiting for the call for the collection of their ransom when their hide out was busted by the police SARS squad. They would have all gone for life jail if not that four sons of Edo and Delta state top politicians were members of his cult group, even the son of the Delta state commissioner of police was his closest friend and a fellow kidnapper too. They all spent six months awaiting trial at Asaba prison before they were all released.

He saw a ray of light and he jolted back to reality, he was angry with himself for actually falling asleep. The light was approaching slowly, it was not a car or a bike as the ray of light was darting about but slowly getting closer to where he crouched by the road. He pulled himself together; he got up and flung himself on the main road screaming with all his might. As he was falling, he felt all the remaining energy in him completely drained and he felt like a feather in the air. He saw the flash light advancing hurriedly towards him. He fell hitting his head on the coal tarred road. He passed out.

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The colours of Campus 3



 Assistant superintendent of police Sunday Onche was addressing a group of six under cover police men that works in the three major campuses of the higher institutions in the capital city.

There has been a red alert! It came in about 1.00AM this morning. A student of IMT was killed in his room, it was a BID case at the hospital, and an AK 47 riffle ripped his brains out of his skull! The student has an elder brother who is missing, but from homicide findings, the missing brother has wound also. The blood samples taken from the room belong to two people. It is either the brother is in a hospital somewhere or he is dead somewhere.

Detectives Peter Uche and Sandra Nwokocha! This is your bit! Collect all necessary information from the duty sergeant, Mr. Linus and commence action Asap!

Mission: Find the missing brother popularly called Kumalo and find the killers of the younger brother! You may leave us now! ASP commanded.

Yes sir! Peter saluted and left the control room

Sandra saluted and asked; sir! Are there any clues for us to start with sir?

Yes! He answered, collect all clues from the duty sergeant! You are dismissed!

Yes sir! She saluted and left.

ASP Sunday continued; Detectives Zakky and detective Maria! What is the update at the University of Nigeria Enugu campus? Any development with the car robbery gang?

Yes sir! Zakky stood up; we have closed in on a gang of three boys and two girls. The girls lure their sugar daddies into the campus and the boys strike. We are also narrowing on the buyer of the Cars from the boys!

Hopefully we shall close the case in a week sir! Mary added.

Good! Good! ASP Sunday clapped his hands. I love this! The commissioner will be very impressed with what you guys have done. Remember the AIG’s car was also snatched by those scoundrels.

Oga! Mary called; they have a ware house where stolen cars are kept at Uwani. They keep the cars there until all tension and agitations by the police have cooled off. The ware house is like a mechanic work shop in a market place where people go about their buying and selling businesses normally meanwhile the boys of the main buyer are busy working on disguising the stolen cars in the ware house.

Wow! Can you beat that? ASP Sunday said. Any clue as to who this or these buyers may be? He asked

Yes sir! Zakky answered. The cars are driven out of Enugu at night to Kano sir!

Kano! ASP exclaimed

Yes sir! Mary said; our guys at Kano are keeping tabs on the Alhaji sir!

Alhaji? Wow! This case is turning into an octopus o! ASP fumed. The Alhaji will also have a network of people to sell the cars to nah! ASP exclaimed.

Exactly sir! Zakky said. And that is why we need to be careful so as not to alert them and scuttle the whole ops!

Good! Good! Well done boys! I am very impressed! You are dismissed for today!

Detectives Zakky Abdulahi and Maria Oyebiyi saluted and left the office.

ASP turned to the last two detectives left in the control room.

Now! Detectives Solomon and Emem! How far with Enugu state university? He asked

The two detectives stare at each other, one expecting the other to speak.

Are you guys okay? I say what is the update at Esut and you are staring at each other! ASP barked.

Talk nah! Solomon told Emem.

You nko? Can’t you talk? Emem fired back

Are you People crazy or what? ASP shouted stamping his foot angrily on the floor. Solomon! Talk now before I change my mind!

Oga! I can’t work with this girl again o! Solomon said

And why is that? ASP asked

Oga! This girl is an Ashawo!

Na your mother be Ashawo! Emem fired back

Sir! She just dey wire all the boys for that campus! She has lost focus!  Solomon continued.

What? Emem! You are wiring students! ASP shouted.

Sir! It is not like that o! It is because I refused to wire him o! He has been making advances at me since we teamed up together for this operation but I told him it is not good for the job.

So are you sleeping with any student? ASP asked

Yes sir! I have a student boy friend. He is a staff of MTN. He is not a small boy, he is older that me and we are in a relationship.

Did you explain that to Solomon? ASP asked.

Yes sir! He knows everything, he is just furious because i gave in to the guy after he had made several advances! Emem said.

Look! You guys should not allow personal issues to affect the job! Do you hear me? ASP asked.

Yes sir! The two answered.

Now! Concerning the prostitution racket at Esut, what is the update? He asked them.

Nothing yet sir! Solomon said, we are still looking for clues sir!

And you Emem! Same story? ASP asked.

No sir! She replied.

So what is your story? ASP asked.

There is a cartel of bad girls headed by one Chioma Nwokolo, aka Big Mama. She is a final year mass communication student and she recruits girls for local and international prostitution she works for an international human trafficker based in Lagos and Italy. Chioma is bi-sexual; she connects lesbians to lesbians and makes money from them in the form of commission. She supplies politicians, business men and heads of corporate bodies with assorted girls during social functions and she gets paid. She uses a Hummer jeep on campus and uses money as bait to get poor girls.

This Lady is also the out going leader of the Black brazier confraternity, a female cult group on Campus!

Wow! Wow! Wow! ASP Sunday whistled.

I was able to hack into her phone line where I got all the names of her contacts including text massages of bank alerts and indicting conversations. I was able to do this with the help of my MTN guy! Sir! Some of her clients would interest you!

You mean am! ASP asked.

I swear Oga! She replied. Well i have zeroed in on her totally but i am waiting for Lagos to close in on the big fish there before we close up this case!

ASP clapped his hands severally. Good girl! Good girl! My dear, your promotion is secured! Wow! Wow! You mean you single handled all these? Why did you not carry your partner along?

He does not trust me sir! Emem said. He does not tell me anything and whatever I tell him, he does not show interest!

Solomon! What do you have to say to that? ASP masked.

Nothing sir! Solomon blurted after two minutes of trying to say something reasonable.

Good!  Detective Solomon, report yourself to the guard room immediately! You have been wasting the lean resources of the Nigerian Police! Look at yourself! See the girl you were supposed to team up with! Instead of working together you were busy trying to sleep with her, meanwhile she was doing your job and hers together! I will make sure you refund all the allowances paid to you because you do not deserve it!

ASP collected the detectives badge from Solomon as he trudged out of the room.

Solomon will be drafted to Maiduguri I swear!  He is an idiot! He will go and join the civilian JTF to fight Boko Haram terrorist there!

He shook hands with Emem; well done detective! I am very proud of you! I will get you another partner from the college, not a he goat like Solomon! My regards to Mr. MTN, you are dismissed!

Thank you sir! Emem saluted and left the control room.

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Just Wedded



Charles returns home, the wife is watching the television and switching stations. Doorbell rings. She jumps up and rushes to the door, husband is at the door.

Charles: (evidently fatigued) Hi!

Doris: (Hugs husband) Sweet heart welcome! You look so tired.

(He pulls off his suit while she helps him undress. He sits down and unlaces his shoes. She collects the shoes, lifts up the suitcase and takes it to the bedroom. Charles stretches on the couch yawning. She comes out and begins to set the table for food)

Doris: Honey, I prepared your favourite dish, hope you will enjoy it?

Charles: And what could that be?

Doris: Guess!

Charles: But I have no favourite meal, any good meal is okay by me.

Doris:  That’s not true, remember, you once told me that your favourite meal was garri, salt and palm-kernel combo! (Laughing)

Charles: Joins the laughter as he meets Doris at the dining table) No, no! That was in the Boarding House those days! Then, one could give an eye for a cup of garri. (Sits down, opens the plate and smiles at the meal) Wow! Yum yum yum! Smells so good!

Doris: Yes Darling, specially prepared for you with the best Kobnomi in town.

Charles: Kobno what?

Doris: Kobnomi! A love portion specially imported from Uyo!

Charles: No wahala, as long as it is a love portion please, make it a point of duty to always put it in my meals. (They begin to eat together till fade)


Husband and Wife in the sitting room watching TV. Doris’s head is on Charles’s thigh as she lay on the couch. Phone rings, Doris jumps up and rushes to pick her phone.

Doris: Its’ my Mum! (She exclaims) Hello Mummy, Mummy it is not fair o! You just abandoned me all these days, no calls, text messages, not even a flash! Haba mummy! Is this how it is supposed to be? You just sold your Daughter and abandoned her… (Nods) Ehen? Sure? Hmmm mummy, okay I forgive you. How are Daddy, Emmanuel and Jane? Jane has gone back to School? Okay ma, yes ma! He is here; do you want to speak with him? (Gives phone to Charles) mummy!

Charles: (Collects phone) Mummy good day ma! Fine ma, yes ma, mummy this one that you remembered us today, (Laughs) okay ma, no wahala ma, all is well. My people are fine; they call from time to time. (Doris is restless as she beckons at Charles to give her the Phone) thank you ma. Please, hold on for Doris (Hands Phone to Doris)

Doris: Mummy, I am missing you guys so much. Will you be home tomorrow? Okay, we shall come and visit you tomorrow around 2 PM. Yes ma, after Church service. Okay ma! Please, prepare for us o! And make my favourite dish o! Alright ma! See you tomorrow. Love you too mum. (She prances about in excitement while Charles stares at her in bewilderment). Oh Honey! I can’t wait to see my folks tomorrow! Oh I can’t wait, I can’t wait (Excitement) Honey, you are not saying anything, are you okay? (Beaming with smiles as she embraces her husband)

Charles:  Doris did you forget or are you simply pretending? (Pushes off her hands and stands up)

Doris: Honey, what is it that I forgot? And why would I be pretending? (Notices the change on his looks) stop staring at me in this hostile manner! What’s up?

Charles: After church service tomorrow, my uncle and his wife would be visiting! How could you forget that? We have been discussing this since last week! Why did I give you money to go shopping yesterday?  Was it not in anticipation of their visit?

Doris: (She puts her hands on her head and exclaims) Oh my God I forgot! How could I? Honey, I am so sorry, please I forgot. Can you call them to reschedule for next week please?

Charles: No way! They wanted to visit last Sunday, we postponed it to tomorrow and you want me to call them now and tell them to postpone it again? How convenient it is for you to say that! How do you want them to feel? This is my uncle we are talking about, since my Father’s death; he’s been like a father to me. Do you want him to feel that I am avoiding him? No way ma! We would rather call your mum and postpone our visit!

Doris: So your uncle is more important than my parents? Is that so Charles? (Very angry)

Charles:  (Opens his mouth agape) what did you just say?

Doris: Yes of course! Your uncle’s visit is priority over our visiting my parents!

Charles: How on earth could you think like that? You just concluded on your own, without even consulting me, to visit your family tomorrow. You did not even seek my opinion to know what my program was like. Meanwhile, we have been discussing my uncle’s visit for a whole week and you dare say I value my uncle’s visit more? Who is being biased here? You or me?

Doris: (Sobbing) All I know is that I miss my family, I want to visit home. I want to go home and we must go together tomorrow!

Charles: Sorry ma! You will not have your way on this one and please stop being unreasonable. Call your mother and reschedule for next week end.

Doris: Over my dead body! (Stubbornly) I would rather die than not to see my parents tomorrow with or without you!

Charles: And who will attend to my folks when they arrive?

Doris: I don’t know! (Walks angrily out of the room)

Charles: I am talking to you Doris! Come back here! (Stands akimbo, totally surprised and humiliated) What is this? Is this Doris or someone else in her body?  Ha! I don’t understand o! (Walks angrily after her)





EXTERIOR: Couple drives into their compound from church; they alight from the car and enter the house. Charles slumps into the couch, drops his Bible on the center table. Doris goes straight into the bedroom and comes out with her hand bag, ready to go out.

Doris: Honey, I am ready to go if you are not. (Agitated)

Charles: Ready for what? Are you going somewhere or something?

Doris: Please, cut it out! (She snaps) Don’t tell me you have forgotten that we have to go and see my parents?

Charles: (Visibly angry) Now listen woman! I never ever imagined you could be this obstinate! I thought we had settled this… (Doris interrupts)

Doris: Settled what! (Yells) that you want to imprison me in the name of marriage? That I can’t go and see my parents because I married you? What’s all this nonsense anyway? Please, if you will excuse me (walks out of the house) I will take a public transport and find my way. I am off!

Charles: Woman! If you walk out of that door! (Doris interrupts)

Doris: I am off already Mr. Landlord! (Bangs the door after her)

Charles: Doris! Doris! Doris! Come back here! (Opens the door and follows her)

Charles returns into the Sitting room, furious and agitated, he paces to and fro, sits down, gets up totally confused and disenchanted.


Sitting room: Charles is setting the dining table, obviously expecting visitors. The doorbell rings, he goes to open the door. His uncle and the wife enter.

Charles: (Prostrating) Uncle, you are welcome sir. Mummy, welcome ma, we have been expecting you all day.

Uncle: (Opens arms for embrace, patting Charles on the back) Charley boy! How are you? Congratulations once again, may God bless your marriage, may you not struggle to feed your family (Prayer continues as Charles answers amen intermittently) where is Doris my wife? Isn’t she at home?

Wife: Ehn! Iyawo wa nko?

Charles: (Motioning to the table) Please, come to the dining, we have been expecting you since after service.

(They all move and sat around the dining table)

Uncle:  Charles, where is my Wife or did she not hear our voice?

Wife: Maybe, she is dressing up abi? Please, call her to come and dish the food here o! I am famished. I have been fasting all day because I planned to break the fast here.

Charles: (stuttering) Ehm,ehm, Uncle em you know, you see when we came back from church, Doris prepared all these (Gesturing at the table)  in anticipation of your visit, but about forty minutes ago , her father called and told her that her mother was seriously ill and has been rushed to the hospital. In fact… (Interruption)

Wife: (Panicky) What? Hospital? Kilode? Kilonsele? This is serious o! Come on what are you still doing here? Which hospital? Daddy oya! Oya! Let us go there immediately!

Uncle: (Unusual calmness) Boy! What could be wrong with your mother in-law? (Staring deep into Charles’s eyes)

Charles: (More confused) No no! Uncle, em mummy, please, be calm and sit down, everything is under control. In fact, Doris has called to say all is well that I should not bother coming. She is with her mum already, she said that her mum was reacting to something she ate or so, but all is well. Please, relax. (All sits)

Uncle: But why did you not go with your wife in the first place? She doesn’t own a car, so you could have driven her there. With such news, it is totally wrong of you to have let her leave the house alone!

Wife: Yes my dear, next time please, don’t leave her alone in such a situation. I guess you did not follow because you were expecting us abi?

Charles: Yes ma! Yes uncle! You know, I was actually confused but all is well now. Your food please! Later we can talk, there is a lot of ground to cover, and Mummy, how are my Cousins? Lolu and Ibidun. (Charles begins to dish the food as chatting continues)


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Just wedded


Starts with a typical wedding setting; the Priest, Bride, Best man and Bridesmaids and a few family members. It is a moderate wedding setting. The vow is exchanged.

Priest: Do you Charles Ojo, take Doris Bamidele as your lawful wedded wife? To have and to cherish, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for riches and for poorer till death do you part?

Charles: I do

Priest: Do you Doris Bamidele, take Charles Ojo as your lawful wedded husband? To have and to cherish, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for riches and for poorer till death do you part?

Doris: I do

Priest: I hereby pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the Bride.

(New Couple exchange kisses)

Priest:  (Announces) I present to you, the latest Couple in town! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ojo!!

(Applause and Cat cries from the congregation.  Everyone move to the reception arena.  The Party is on , dancing, drinking and merriment; couple dancing to music and people spraying money on them. Gifts items are being handed to the bestman and bride’s maid. Merriment continues till night.)


(It is night; the couple retires to bed after having their bath. Husband sleeps with mouth wide open snoring aloud. Wife keeps mumbling incoherently. Husband turns back and forth, wakes and sits up; he wipes his mouth with the back of his palm, stares at the wife with surprise. Taps her awake gently.)

Charles: Sweet heart, please wake up (she mutters more incoherent words. He is baffled. He taps her more dense) sweet heart wake up!

(Doris wakes abruptly and fierce, she grabs her husband for protection)

Doris: Thief! Thief!! Where are they? (Visibly terrified)

Charles: Honey, take it easy, there is no cause for alarm. Please, there is no thief anywhere.

Doris: No thieves? Then, why did you hit me like that? (Rubbing her side)

Charles: I did not hit you sweet heart; I merely tapped you to wake up because you were talking in your dreams.

Doris: Ooh! Is that why you woke me? That is how I sleep o!

Charles: Do you mean you talk in your sleep? How am I supposed to sleep with you talking into my head?

Doris: You are talking, what about you that snore like a Hippo?

Charles: Who snores?

Doris: You of course! Oh! Don’t you know you snore? (Hisses) Your noise shake the whole building like there is going to be an earth quake!

Charles: (Laughing) common get out, it’s a lie, and how can my snore shake the building? Am I King Kong?

Doris: Before nko? (Laughing too)

Charles: It is alright, I agree I snore sometimes but to snore is better than your chanting incantations.

Doris: Who de chant incantation? Me? You are not serious o! Please lets’ go back to sleep joor! I am tired.

(Couple cuddles each other, pulls the duvet over as light fades)


(Doris, in a night gown walks to and fro the kitchen and dining table setting breakfast. Husband appears, in office clothes, he is carrying a suitcase.)

Charles: Honey, how are you?

Doris: (Approaches for a hug and kiss) Fine sweetheart, hope you slept well?

Charles: I tried to.

Doris: What do you mean, you tried to?

Charles: You know nah (Begins to mumble words with eyes closed as if asleep)

Doris: Oh that? Well I couldn’t sleep at all because the building was vibrating from its foundation. (Mimics snoring husband)

Charles: Shut up joor! Please, serve my food, lest, I am late for work.

Doris: In a jiffy! (Dashes off and returns with the meal in a tray. Bread and tea. Places the tray on the dining table while Charles sits to eat)

Charles: Thanks Sweetheart. (Mutters a quick prayer and begins to gnaw at the bread while Doris sits close to watch. Charles takes a piece of bread and dips into the steaming hot cup of tea)

Doris: My Gawd! Charles! What are you doing?

Charles: (startles) what? What is it?

Doris: How could you be dipping bread into your cup of tea? You should know it is not proper.

Charles: (Relaxes, heaves a sigh of relief) Oh that? You scared me you know. Ehen?  Am I not inside my house? I can eat any how I like here!

Doris: No Sir! It is against table manners, you could forgetfully do same in public someday. What happens to “Charity begins at home?”

 Charles:  How can I…? (Stands up from the meal, goes for his briefcase) Oh! I am sorry, it won’t happen again.

Doris: (surprised, stands up) Honey! You are not eating again? Is it because of what I said?

Charles: I think I have lost my appetite! I am okay!

Doris: Hold on Honey! Please hold on!!

(Charles pauses)

Doris: Honey, please I am sorry, I never meant to upset you. Please, come and finish your food. (She holds his free hand and pulls him back to the dining table; he obliges reluctantly, sits and begins to pick at his food…till light fades)


Office setting:  an open office containing six desks. Every staff is busy, computer key boards clicking, movements and discussion among colleagues etc. Charles peeps through the slightly opened- door; some one notices him and shouts “Here comes the groom!” Charles hurriedly closes the door and backs off. His colleagues chase after him and pulls him back into the office amidst laughter and compliments.

Charles: Thank you, thanks to you Guys! Thank you for all your support (Approaches   all of them with a bear hug.  Reaches out to Clara, pauses, pulls her closer and gives her a bear hug too. Someone clears his throat)

Charles:  Na you sabi o! Yusuf, can’t a brother hug a sister again?

Yusuf: You can of course! But not so close because anything can happen.

Clara: Yusuf na you sabi o! Nothing dey happen I beg.

(They all scamper to their seats as their boss Mr. Ayo walks in)

Mr. Ayo: (Looking tough as usual) what’s this pandemonium all about? (Sights Charles) oh! I see! Oko iyawo is back.

Charles: (Stands up abruptly) Yes sir! Good morning sir and I thank you for your entire support sir. I really appreciate sir!

Mr. Ayo:  Tah! (Waves it aside), and how was your honey moon? Hope you don score goal o?

(General laughter in the office)

Charles: Oga, I don’t know o! But time shall tell.

Mr. Ayo: Well, we shall soon know, abi no be so?

(All Chorus, Na sooooo! as Mr. Ayo exits the Office)

Yusuf: So, old Boy, how is married life so far?

Clara: Can’t you see how fat his cheeks are? Just two weeks into marriage o! Even his tummy is bulging already.

Charles: Na lie, I beg! Which tummy dey bulge?

Yusuf: It’s true o! You don de comot belle o!

Charles: (Addressing another Colleague) Patrick na true? I don de comot belle?

Patrick: Don’t mind them jare, you are okay. You are just refreshed, that’s all, (phone rings) whose phone is ringing?

Charles: Oh its mine! (Picks up his phone, stares at the screen and smiles)

Patrick: (Clears his throat) Na wa o! Love wantintin! I go vex go marry o!

Charles: (Motioning colleagues to be quiet) Hello sweetheart? (General laughter in the office, some cover their mouths to suppress laughter. The door opens; they all look towards the door as Mr. Ayo re-appears. They all feign seriousness as the day’s job begins)


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How can your wife describe you? Below are few categories of husband:

(1). Autocratic Husband- He is a self-knowledge, self-involved, unbending, unyielding husband. Nobody can correct him, nobody can counsel him. To him, he knows everything. He is very arrogant and stubborn. He has no mentor. He does not fear, honour or respect anybody. He doesn’t want anybody to advise him and he can not be influenced by anybody especially his wife, who hardly knows his plan or what he may do next. He is a difficult man to live with.

(2). Corrosive Husband- He is abusive; hot tempered and a wife beater. He is not in charge of his temper. He is a no-joke, no-play, no-laughter and no-nonsense man. He shouts and barks at home. The house is a military camp; his room is a defence headquarters, while he is the garrison commander, lion of the family and commander in chief of family forces.

(3). Solo Husband- He stays in separate room away from his wife. He is a “single” married man. He prefers sharing his secret with friends; the only time he talks to his wife is when he needs food and sex.

He is self-centered; his common words are “I”, “me”, “mine” and “myself”. He is full of self-glorification, self-justification and stinginess.

(4). Semi-Husbands- They are not real husbands, they are men under their trouser but lesser than that in their duties at home. They are real men in bed and on the dining table; but when it gets to paying school fees they are nothing. It is their wives that pay the house rent, electricity bills, buy food and provide generally for the family. It is not that he is not working; it’s just that he is a useless man that will not provide for his own family. While some are too lazy to work, others that have money spend their money outside to the detriment of peace in their homes. A semi-husband is a disgrace, Proverbs 24:27, I Tim 5:8.

(6). Supermarket Husbands- These are the kind of husbands that are unfaithful to their wives. They are everybody’s husband. They spend lavishly on their girl friends, woman friends, prostitutes and concubines outside; while giving little or nothing to their household.

To men like this, anything in skirt is good for a bedmate. They pay huge amount of money on hotel bills. They are shameless to the extent that they visit brothels for prostitute or park their cars in the bush path to perform their ungodly act with immoral ladies. Some even go to the extent of impregnating their house-maids and sleeping with their wives’ younger sisters, Proverbs 7:1-27

(7). Executive Husbands- These are the kind of men that live their lives in an executive way. They do not allow their wives to have any close relationship with them. They operate their rooms as if it is the general manager’s office; no love, no romance and no intimacy.

If their wives want to enter their rooms, they have to knock and obtain permission before coming in. They do issue orders to their family members as if to the workers under them and inform their families about their plans as if addressing a press conference; where no journalist is allowed to ask any question.

Their wives can not easily talk to them, in fact; they have to send their children to them before they can get anything from them.

One thing that is common to most of them is that most of them are business executives hence, they use their office experience to the maximum at home expecting everybody at home to follow suit. They have little or no respect for their wives, if their business is not going on fine, then the whole family is in trouble. Many of them always want their wives to be full-time house wives so that they can have full control over them.

(8). Traditional Husbands- They see their wives as properties. They believe women are third class citizens, useful only in the kitchen and bedroom. To them, a woman is just a cook, a tool of pleasure (sex) and baby making machine.

They give no attention to their wives who they see as somebody that is a little bit above their house-maid. They believe that their younger ones living with them are to be served by their wives, while they are expected not to do anything at home.

Most of them are still using the style of their grand fathers for their marriages. They believe a woman must not enjoy sex; love must not be shown to them, they must be beaten if they misbehave, if she fails to give birth to a baby boy then she is a failure. If they give birth to children who behave poorly they belong to the wife, the one that behave excellently belong to the father.

(9). Baby Husbands- They are not under-aged men physically, but they are infant mentally. They know how to build a house but not how to make a home.

If you want to know baby husbands look for the following:

• He keeps malice with his wife

• He rejects food because he is angry

• He beats his wife

• He reports his wife to friends and family members

• He keeps a separate room from his wife.

• He embarrasses his wife publicly

• He calls his wife goat, animal, fool, etc.

• He loves his mother more than his wife

• May refuse to give house-keeping allowance because of a little misunderstanding

• Can never be influenced by his wife

• He is a contentious husband, he nags.

• Will never pray with his wife

• Always find it difficult to say “I am sorry”.

• Will never help his wife with the baby.

• He threatens his wives with polygamy or divorce

• He criticizes, condemns and compares his wife with other women

• He does not love his wife, if he does; he will never say it, or demonstrate it.

• He leaves the house without anybody knowing where he has gone to.

• He gives no room for romance and intimacy. All he wants is sex.

• Gives no room for foreplay before sex. He is just like a carpenter who has no emotion for the nail.

• He retaliates instead of rewarding

• Never does anything to improve his marriage. He will never read marriage books, attend seminar or go for counseling.

(10). Kingdom Husbands- They are extra-ordinary husbands; they are what God want them to be as husband. They know that their God is to be feared and worshipped, their wives are to be loved and their children are to be catered for. They are “real men”, men indeed; they are the SUNSHINE in the life of their wives and children.

– They are man of integrity: – They mean what they say; and say what they mean

– They do pray with and for their wives.

– They are faithful, loving and caring.

– They cherish and nourish their wives.

– They have hostering i.e. they do listen to the suggestion of their wives.

– They are good communicator.

– Apologize easily, forgive quickly.

– They lead their homes with wisdom

– They never retaliate, they rather reconcile.

– They do speak the truth in love.

– They provide for their family (1 Tim. 5:8)

– They stay in the same room with their wives.

– They “leave” their parent and leave to their wives.

– Their wives know how much they are earning.

– They are actively involved in child bearing, rearing, discipline and parenting.

– They have ultimate respect for their wives.

– They do support their wives in the kitchen.

– They are close to their wives, full of honour and they do play with their wives.

– They are skillful in the bedroom; meeting their wives bedroom need.

Kingdom husbands are not common but God can make you one of them, turning your home to a place to be.

Kingdom Husbands – Traits of an Uncommon Hubby

Kingdom husbands are common men with uncommon sense. Are you a great husband? Do you want to be one? Do you want to be a husband your wife will adore, honor and hero-worship? Then all you just need to do is to develop the following traits of uncommon husbands:

God Fearing: The first trait of a great husband is the fear of the Lord. He fears the Lord enough to obey His words. He fears the God enough to care and provide for his wife. No husband can be a wonderful husband expects he is God fearing man.

2. Godly Character: A great husband is of a man with godly character. He is meek, gentle, caring, loving, forgiving, supportive, wise and cautious. He is not stingy but honest. He does not attend night clubs, smoke or practice adultery.

3. Love: He loves his wife with all his heart and is not ashamed to let anybody know. He expresses love to his wife at any given opportunity.

4. Respects and Honors: When you see a man that embarrasses his wife in the public, he is a total failure as a man of valor. A great husband respects and honors his wife and gives all glory to God.

5. Good Communication: A woman loves it when her husband is talking and listening passionately to her. A good husband is open to his wife. He speaks the truth is love and is always positive in his reactions to his wife.

6. Great Leader: He is never a boss but is a tender lover. He knows how to make people follow him without forcing them. He has vision, which he shares with his family. He influences the family and offers them good examples.

7. Diligent: A great husband is a worker; he is not lazy. He puts his hands to work and makes bread available to his family.

8. Romantic: He satisfies his Wife’s Bedroom Desires. A great husband is romantic. He knows how to make his wife enjoy him. He is tender, patient and careful with the wife in the bedroom. He knows that foreplay is a must if a woman must enjoy sex. Hence, he never rush the wife but brings her up before any sexual act.

9. He gives His Wife Peace: The wife of a great husband is always sad to see him travel because he is a man of peace with no space for fighting, bitter arguments, abuse, curse, shouting, malice, bitterness, resentment, bickering and hatred. A great husband has no time for all these. He is a source of joy to his darling wife.

10. He is committed to Marriage: He never threatens his wife with beating, separation or divorce but is ready to give his marriage anything it takes to make it work. His wife is number one in his life after God. His wife is his thinking partner, friend, prayer partner, bed mate, and confidant!

This is not meant to abuse anybody, but for you to check yourself and try to be a better husband and father, may God help you in Jesus name.



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The Abandoned Child; Chapter 19

JANUARY 1997; I met a very complicated situation on my return to Owerri. Strange things had happened while I was away.

I entered the Hotel premises at 4.00PM with my luggage strapped on my back. I was expecting a warm welcome from my colleagues and a subtle reprimand from Oga Dan for staying away longer than I was permitted. Instead, I met people looking moody as they went about their duties. No one paid me any attention rather they were staring at me as if I was a stranger.

I walked to the bar and brought out a chilled bottle of Gulder from the Gulder branded chiller to calm me down after a long journey. The DJ cubicle was closed. It was unusual for Slam’s office to be closed at such an hour when the business of the day was gearing up. He normally played blues or roots reggae at such hour. Emeka walked into the bar to collect some drinks, so I greeted him and asked after DJ Slam, but he pretended not to hear my question.

“Emeka! Is it not you that I am talking to?” I asked.

“I should be asking you!” He snapped.

“Asking me? As how?” I asked.

“You no know?” He asked.

“Know wetin?” I asked.

“Okay! Dey there dey pretend, when Police come carry you go, you go confess!” He said and walked out to attend to Customers.

Something was amiss. So, I gulped down the content of my beer and carried my luggage to my room upstairs, I entered the reception and asked the receptionist for the key to my room.

“Go and ask Oga Dan!” The receptionist told me.

“Oga Dan? Why?” I asked.

“He has to authorise the release of the key to you!” She snapped.

“Haba! Chinwe! It is me o! Bolaji! Am I a stranger here?” I asked.

“Please go and ask Oga Dan nah! I am busy please!” She snapped and started tapping the keyboard of her desktop computer all of a sudden.

I dropped my luggage behind the door and made to go up to Oga Dan’s office.

“Hey, Oga!” Chinwe called out.

I looked back at her, not sure who she was referring to. She pointed at my bag

“Carry am go I beg!” She said.

“You mean my luggage?” I asked.

“You heard me!” She snapped.

I quietly walked back and carried my bag. I knocked and entered Oga Dan’s Office; he was surprised to see me.

“Omo!” He called out.

“Oga Sir! I remain loyal sir!” I saluted him.

“Where the hell have you been to all this while? I expected you to be back after one week, but you have been away for three months or thereabout!”

“I am very sorry, sir! I had a lot of family issues to sort out sir! And since my NYSC programme is still far away, I decided to take out time and sort certain things out. I explained”

“You are welcome! But there are problems here o! I don’t think you are welcomed here any longer o”, he told me as calmly as he could.

“What happened, sir? No wonder everyone I have met had been somehow cold towards me”, I said.

“Excuse me for a minute!” He said and left the office to return after five minutes.

“Yes BJ! Welcome back!” He said with an enthusiasm that was not there a few minutes ago. Are you a member of a secret cult?”.

“Ha! What? Me? No o! How can?” I was confused.

“Are you sure?” He asked suspiciously.

“Haba! Oga Dan! You no trust me?” I asked him.

“Hmm, trust you? I used to trust you, but from what I have heard about you so far, I don’t know if I can trust you anymore”.

“Oga Dan, please talk to me! What is all this about? And where is Slam? At least he will tell me what happened if none of you wants to tell me. His office is closed at this hour, and I asked Emeka about Slam, but he said I should know better, me that have been away for some time now! Biko dede, ogini n’aeme ebe a?” I asked in Igbo language.

“You and Slam disappeared about the same time last year; he said he was going for political runs while you said you were going for a family visit. Is that not so?” He asked

“You are right, sir!” I replied.

“Slam has been dead and buried! His headless body was dropped outside our gate. This happened the second day you left, and since then you have not come back here! What have you come back here to do now when you are a wanted criminal?”

“Jesu Christi! Jesu Christi! Headless corpse?” I asked.

“Yes! That was what his people buried”, he said.

“Oh my God! Slam is dead?” Goosebumps came all over me, and I began to cry.

There was a loud knock at the door of the office as I asked him. “So what are the Police doing about it?”

“Oh! The Police?” He asked. Then, he turned towards the door and shouted, “come inside, please!”

The door opened, and three armed uniformed Policemen entered the office.

“Good day, Officers! Oga Dan stood up: this is the man we have all been looking for; he is one of the suspected cultists!”

My bladder gave out its content immediately, and a feverish feeling overcame me. I was feeling a burning sensation from inside me as I felt the cold hands of raw fear. I looked from Oga Dan to the Police. I felt like a dog whose owner was selling out to a Calabar or Ondo man.

“Are you Mr Bolaji?” The one with the pistol asked. I nodded.

“You are under arrest for involvement in cult activities which has led to the death of one Nnana Ogbuike popularly called DJ Slam, Onyekachi Chukwuma popularly called Major and Onyema Iloh popularly called Lusaka! You have the right to remain silent as anything you do or say here shall be used against you in the court of law”.

Nigerian Police don’t read you your rights before arresting you! For these people to read me my rights means they meant business and were not the everyday Nigerian Police.

“Oga Dan!” I called out.

“Please, follow them! Murderer! Your parents sent you to school, but you came here and turned to a daredevil! Wolf in sheep’s clothing! Onye oshi!” Oga Dan said.

“Oga Dan!” I called again as my hands were cuffed, and I was whisked out of his office.

A small crowd had gathered downstairs as the Police escorted me into the Peugeot 504 station wagon they came with. I was crying as the Policemen were hitting my joints with their batons even though I offered no resistance at my arrest.

We got to the Police station at a quarter past six o’clock as indicated on the wall clock at the police counter. The DPO was not on seat when the inspector that led the team asked the constable at the counter.

I was given a sheet of paper to write my statement. I asked the Corporal in the team to tell me how to write the statement as I had never had any reason to write a statement in a Police station before. The corporal relayed my request to the inspector, who then called the sergeant that came with him to arrest me to take charge of my case.

The sergeant said I should write everything I know about the death of DJ Slam and other dead Cultists and about my involvement in the secret cult.

I told him that I know nothing of both. This annoyed the Police officer when all efforts to make me indict myself failed.

By 9.45PM, they dragged me to a room inside the station. The stench from the room was awful, the door was closed, and the room was soundproof. They told me to pull off all my clothes, and then my hands were cuffed.

On a wooden table close to the wall were pressing Irons, needled syringe, pliers, hammer, koboko, cable wire, a pack of Tiger head razor blade, and some other strange instruments of torture.

I was lifted up and hung on the ceiling fan anchor. The handcuffs bit into my wrist, and I screamed. My legs were tied together with a hard wire. In two minutes, it felt like my hands would pull off my body. Words cannot describe what these men did to me. I went to hell.

The Police flogged me with cable wires and koboko for over forty minutes. They flogged every part of my body with emphasis on my private part. At a time, one of them grabbed my legs to prevent me from struggling while another inserted a long and thin iron into my penis to and fro causing me the most painful agony man could endure. They plugged the electric Iron into the socket, and when it smelled hot, they unplugged it and pressed it on my buttocks and my thighs. The room smelled of burnt flesh, my flesh. I screamed and screamed, I begged them and told them the story of my life, but it fell on deaf ears as they were threatening to kill me unless I tell them the truth.

They also used the razor blade to cut randomly on my buttocks and my legs. Then, they rubbed a substance which I think was dried pepper. I screamed, the pliers on their table was used on my toes. My bones were cracked. My ankles and my knees were knocked out with a hammer. That was when I stopped feeling any more pain.

“Are you ready to cooperate now?” I heard the question from afar.

“Pour am more water!” I heard someone else said.

I woke up with a pounding pain in my head as water was poured on me. I was on the floor of the torture room; I was lying on a slimy substance on the floor that smelled like death.

“Get up, criminal!” Someone snarled.

I tried to sit up, but I could not. I could not feel my hands as they just lay limp by my side.

“You no dey hear word?” Someone barked. “I say get up!”

“I can’t!” I said. “I can’t feel my hands”.

“You never see anything yet!” He said. “Look up! I say turn your back and look up!”

I turned to lie on my back. Every movement sent excruciating pains all over me.

“You see this guy wey hang there so?” The voice asked me.

I looked up to where I was hung and saw the lifeless body of a young man dangling from the ceiling with blood dripping from his body.

“He don die! The voice said to me. Na the same treatment wey we give to you we give am, but he no survive am! For you to survive am mean say you be hardened criminal! A confirmed cultist! But what we did to you is just step one! By the time you still refuse to cooperate with us, we shall proceed to step two! You hear me?”

“Yes, sir! But wetin una want me to do nah? I asked. Make I lie upon myself? Una no even bother to investigate wetin I tell una, the very day wey I leave this town, I was at Ibadan! I..”

“Sharrap! Someone shouted and kicked me in the groin. I saw flashes of light as I screamed my guts out.

“I will cooperate! Anything you want I will do it!” I said as I cried. I could not bear to take any more of the torture.

Oya, sign this statement! He dropped an already written statement on the table and pulled me onto a chair. He dropped a pen by the paper and told me to sign the paper. I tried to move my hands, but I could not. I was reading the content when the man shouted, “Oh! You dey read am abi!”

There was an explosion, something tore through me. I felt myself falling.





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The Abandoned Child; Chapter 18

It was a drop-dead beautiful svelte that opened the door for me when I reached Mr Adegoke’s house at Ibadan. I had branched at the shop to greet madam and her sales girls before entering the main gate into the main compound through the pedestrian gate. The entrance door to the house opened from the inside just as I was about to open it from the outside.

“Jesu Christi o!” I hissed

“Uncle Bolaji?” She asked

“Yes?” I asked as I peered very well into those eyes.  “Don’t tell me you are Oluwayemisi!”

“Of course, I am!” She exclaimed in laughter. “You cannot recognise me again?

“Jesu o! Jesu o! Are you a model at school or something? Jeez! Look at you! You have grown into a beautiful woman! Like a supermodel!” I exclaimed. “How old are you now?”

“Uncle BJ, I am just above eighteen now!”

“Look at you! I don’t know if I should lift you up or hug you or even kiss you!” I said

“Anyone, uncle!” She said.

“Come here! Come here!” I gave her a close hug that affected my crouch once again, I remembered the first day I met Chioma.

“Please, take my bag to the guest room! I said as I discharged from the hug and went straight into the convenience room at the sitting room to caution my emotion. I stayed there for about ten minutes. I did not come out when I heard her calling my name from the sitting room.

This was not any other girl. This was Mr Adegoke’s daughter! My mentor’s daughter! What was wrong with me? I am almost nine years older than her! She was like a sister to me! Suddenly I heard DJ Slam’s voice in my head.

‘Shattap ya Yoruba mgati, mgbati mouth there! Na ya mama born am?’

‘But the Papa na my mentor nah!’

‘Ehen? Na, her father, go marry her? Biko wire the girl!’ Slam echoed

‘Chai! But the girl is innocent nah!’

‘Oh, no! Oh no! Jew man! Is she not above fifteen years of age?’

‘She is eighteen’, I said

‘Then she don ripe be dat! Wire am! Wire am!’ Slam said.

‘Dem take wire swear for you?’ I asked.

‘If you no wire am! Another guy go wire am o!’ That’s all! Slam said as he fizzled out of my head.

I returned to reality as someone banged hard at the door to the convenience

“Ta ni yen? Who is that?” I asked.

“Bolaji!” It was Madam.

“Mummy!” I called back.

I came out to meet Mummy already dressed to go out.

“Thank God that you are around, please look after the house”, she said. “Have you seen Yemisi?”

“No, ma! Yes ma! Yemisi abi?” I was confused

“Kilode? What is wrong?” She asked

“Kosi nkankan ma! Nothing ma!” I replied. “I saw her as I came in, I did not know it was her!”

“Okay! She has grown abi?”

“Yes ma!” I replied.

“Please take care of the house and the shop! You are the man in the house now. I will be back at night, tell Yemisi to prepare dinner before Daddy returns from work”.

“Yes ma’am!” I said

Immediately she left the house, I went to my room to loosen up and relax from the stress of the journey.

It was the aroma of the food she brought into my room that woke me up. I was so famished that I jumped out of bed and grabbed the plate of steaming Jollof rice from her

“Thank you, my dear! I said. “How did you know that I was very hungry?”

She laughed and said, “I don’t know o! You have been sleeping since morning nah, I was knocking at your door, but you did not answer, so I decided to burst in with your food”.

“Thank you for bursting in! You just saved a soul! I would have died of hunger from my sleep!” I said as I ate up the steaming food in a hurry.

“Uncle, take it easy, nah! She said

“Did you cook this food?” I asked an obviously stupid question

“Yes nah!” She said.

“Who taught you how to cook?” Another stupid question.

“Who else, but mummy?” She asked.

“Oh, yes! Mummy! I forgot… So, how is school life?” I asked the first sane question.

“Uncle, wait, let me go and get you drinking water. She left and came back with a cold glass of water.

“Thank you very much!” I said and gulp down some water. “So, school life! How is it? I continued.

“School life is fine!” She said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“I heard you are studying Agric economics!” I lied.

“No o! I am studying Med- sug!” She said.

“As in, Medicine and surgery?” I asked.

“Yes sir!” She said.

“Wow! That’s cool, I am not surprised though, and I am just impressed”, I said. “I wish you the best, Doctor Yemisi”.

“I heard you came out with first class in engineering”, she said.

“That’s true!” I said.

“I am not surprised though, I am just impressed”, she said.

“Ahan!” I said.

“Ahan what? She asked.

“You are mimicking me”, I said.

She laughed. “But it is the truth, nah! You have been our inspiration in this house. There is no day my dad does not mention your name while advising us to be the best! You are my role model, my hero!”

I wished she could say “my husband”, for I loved every moment with her until one of the sales girls from the shop came to call her out of my room for an urgent errand.

I could not take my mind off the thought of Yemisi. I was already jealous of the possibility of her having a boyfriend already. A beauty like hers would have been hooked by some stupid campus boys that have made it their birthright to sample every beautiful female Jambite. She was already in her second year and as such would have been devoured by those scoundrels! Yemisi was mine! Imagine the way she served me food in bed. She even knew I had to drink water while eating! What other sign was I looking for? I wish we were alone in the house so we could just be talking.

DJ Slam’s voice tried to get into my head again, and I shook my head vigorously and shouted” Get behind me, Satan”!

He ran away, echoing the words “wire, wire! Wire her”

This was not a girl for wiring but for keeps. A girl to treasure and nurture; a girl that would give me good dreams when she is by my side. A wife material! Her laughter was so inviting and soothing. I wanted to think of her innocence. I did not like to think of those campus boys and their capabilities. I just wanted to think of Yemisi as mine, untouched, waiting for me.

“Waiting for you for wetin? Na you God create her for? Slam’s voice in my head interrupted again.

“Yes, na me! I shouted. “Slam! Leave me, I beg! Make I think!”

“Think well o! But remember that no girl is innocent o!”  He fizzled out of my head again.

“Get thee behind me, Slam!” I commanded.

I was possessed by the thought of Yemisi. I was thinking of her as a future partner, my wife! I deserved her.

“Only you deserve her? Just wire her and go your way!” Slam’s voice in my head spoke again.

I pretended to ignore him.

“If her papa catch you! Your own don finish be that!” Slam said.

Mr Goke had advised me that I get into a serious relationship with a girl that would love me for who I am and not for what I will become. I don’t need to look further! Oluwayemisi knows my story, even though she was very young when I stayed briefly with their family during my secondary school days, I am no stranger to her.


The opportunity came on my second night at Ibadan. Uncle Goke and Madam had retired indoors for the night. Gbadebo was reading at the library as he was preparing for his senior secondary certificate examination.

“Come and sit here, Yemisi”, I said. “We need to talk”.

“Okay! She said as she left the seat close to the Television and sat on the two-seater couch I was occupying. She smelled good. The faint scent of perfume came with her. This girl was clean. Her skin was light and smooth without blemish. Her legs, tapering from the bum short she wore were straight and fresh like vanilla ice cream. My heartbeat was racing as she sat by my side and focused on the Television. She did not look me in the eyes. I really felt like having a bottle of Gulder at that moment, but I have never drank alcohol in their house. Even when uncle Goke bought beer for me, we were seated outside the house discussing behind the shop.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly so that she would not know that uncle BJ was a Jew man.

“How old are you now?” I asked.

“You have asked me that before, and I said eighteen plus!” She said still watching the TV.

“Have I? I am so sorry. In other words, you are not a baby!” I said.

“I am not a baby”, she said, still focusing on the TV.

“I want to ask you some questions. I hope you will not be offended?” I asked.

“I don’t know o! I hope there is no problem?” She asked, looking at me and removing her face to focus on the TV.

“There is problem o!” I said

“What happened? Did I do something wrong?” She asked

“You are doing many things to me, my dear!” I said.

“Ha! Uncle BJ! What have I been doing to you that is wrong?”

“You have been scattering my head since I came around two days ago! I can’t concentrate! I talk and argue with myself like a mad man! I have not been able to take my mind off the thought of you! I think I am in love with you already!” I said.

“Ha! Uncle BJ!” She exclaimed


“You are like a big brother to me! She said.

But I am not your brother, and you know that!” I said. “Do you have a boyfriend at school or at any other place?”

“No o!” She said shyly.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I don’t have the time for that yet!” She said.

“And why is that?” I asked. “You are a very pretty girl. Does it mean you don’t have toasters?”

“Of course, I have toasters daily, but I am not ready for another relationship now”, she said.

“What happened to your previous relationship?” I asked.

“Hmm, it’s a long story, we were secondary school friends, he was a sickle cell anaemia patient, and he is dead!” She said.

“Oh no! I am so sorry”, I said. I heaved a sigh of relieve and a silent prayer of gratitude. “How long was this?”

“After our SSCE. Over two years ago”.

“Do you miss him?” I asked.

“Yes, sometimes! He was a very good boy, he deflowered me”!

The laughter of Slam started to echo in my head; hahahahahahah! See your innocent girl o!

I shook my head vigorously to send Slam away.

“I love you!” I said. “I don’t care whether he deflowered you or not! I am not a saint myself. I am glad there is no one in your life now, I would have committed suicide if you had told me you love someone else but me!”

“I don’t love anyone o!”

“Except me, abi?” I teased.


“Yes me!” I said.

“I don’t know o! But I love and respect you like a big brother!” She said.

“Thank you! But don’t love me like a brother anymore! Love me like your boyfriend! Like your husband to be!” I said.

“Ha! Uncle BJ!” She exclaimed meeting my gaze with surprise.

“Kilode?” I asked.

“Husband to be? Like my boyfriend?” She asked.

“Yes! I said. We are not strangers to each other, and I will wait for you until you are through with your studies. I just want you to promise me that you will be there for me!”

She was silent.

“You are not saying anything”.

“I don’t know what to say nah! I am confused”, she said. “How can I bring myself to be calling you by your first name without putting the word Uncle or brother?”

“Forget uncle, abeg! I am not your uncle! Your uncle is the village! Forget brother. Your brother is reading in the Library!” I said. “Call me BJ like all my friends do!”

She laughed. “My Parents would skin me alive”.

“Don’t worry, when the time comes, they will support us!” I said.

“My mother loves you. She will be happy about this if I tell her. But for my father, I cannot tell”.

“Leave your father! Your mother will get him for us! So, am I getting a yes?” I asked.

“Yes!” She laughed.

“Wow!” I suppressed my scream by jumping around the sitting room. I pulled her up and hugged her quickly and left her before an intruder bumped in on us.

“I love you! I love you!” I was saying.

“I love you too”, she said shyly.


I could not sleep that night, I waited for Slam to talk into my head, but he did not come. ‘Satan, shame unto you!’ I said to him. The next morning, after Uncle Goke had gone to work, mummy had gone out, and Gbadebo had gone to school, Yemisi and I were left indoors, playing and talking. She could not bring herself to call me Bolaji, and I forbade her from calling me, Uncle. I believed she would find a name for me in due course.

I left Ibadan two days after. I gave my new-found love all the gifts I had bought for Katty and Tessy- Perfumes, wristwatches, handbags and T-shirts. I would buy their gifts when I get to Onitsha. I gave Yemisi some cash, but she refused it. I asked her how she will conceal the gift items from her parents. She said she would tell her mother what transpired between us once I was safely on my way to the east. I did not know what to say but to hope for the best.

As she came into my room to help carry my travelling bag to her mother’s car, I quickly closed the door and pulled her close. The scent of her perfume charged my senses as I planted my mouth on her luscious lips, she responded. She held my head. I almost cried.

The Abandoned Child new cover