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(Enters Mrs. Tombra Ogiri and their Kids. Joshua is twelve and Daniella is seven. The Kids are still dressed in their School Uniforms, they rush to greet their daddy but sees him sleeping thy run into their room to change their clothes, Tombra comes around and looks her sleeping husband over, she picks up the empty glass cup and smells it, she picks up the Clothes Ogiri had dropped carelessly on the Chairs then she sees the folded envelope on the centre table, she picks it up and reads the retrenchment letter of her husband: Ogiri turns over on the couch, utters some incoherent words, he hisses a long one and continues to snore )

Tombra: (Murmurs) Jesus! Jesus Christ! (She drops the letter and runs into the room tilting over a side stool, Ogiri jumps awake abruptly)
Ogiri: Who goes there! (Wide eyed) I say who goes there! (He stands up and looks around the sitting room; he notices the movement of the adjoining Curtain to the bedroom, he moves carefully towards the bedroom and shouts) I say who goes there! (The Kids now in different clothes rush out to greet him, hugging – 8 –
him, he was taken aback) oh dear me! It’s you Guys! Who brought you home?
Joshua: its Mummy sir!
Ogiri: Your Mum came home this early? What for?
Daniella: Today is Thursday nah! Mummy will go to Church for fellowship
Ogiri: Oh! Oh! I forgot!
Joshua: But Daddy, why are you home so early? Are you going to Church too?
Ogiri: em, em, no! Not really, something happened at work and we closed early
Daniella: What happened at work Daddy?
Ogiri: em, em, we are on recess for now! We have finished the project we were handling at Elekahia and we do not have any other one at hand so I won’t be going to work for sometime until we get another Contract. Where is your Mum? Is she inside?
Daniella: yes daddy! She is inside! (The Kids leave their Dad and proceeds to the dinning table with their books to start working on their home works) Daddy! Come and help me out with my home work.

Ogiri: I am coming my dear! Give it to Josh to help you out; if he cannot do it, then I will do it!
Joshua: Daddy what about if you cannot do it! (Sneering)
Ogiri: Then we will consult the internet! (He enters the room only to re emerge trailing his wife) sweet heart I was coming to meet you in the room, the Kids say you are preparing for Church!
Tombra: yes I was!
Ogiri: You were? You changed your mind?
Tombra: Yes!
Ogiri: Wetin happen? Why the change of mind? Did you just change your mind on your way home? (Picks up the letter his wife dropped on the floor) or you changed you mind when you got home and read this letter?
Tombra: Daddy Joshua what is it nah? Haba!
Ogiri: Ahn han! Why are you so agitated? Did something happen to you too?
Tombra: (Snaps her fingers over her head) Tufiakwa! God forbid! Nothing will happen to me in Jesus name!
Ogiri: (Nods his head knowingly, he hands over the letter to her) Sweet heart, please read this!

Tombra: Read what? Will my reading it change its content? Please don’t give me any bad news letter to read o!
Ogiri: Which means you have read it already while i was sleeping, that is why you are acting this way and that is why you are no longer going to the Church, but you did not even show any sign of concern towards me! You did not even ask me what happened! You are supposed to me my pacifier instead you are being hostile and aggressive! What kind of attitude are you giving me so?
Tombra: You lost your job and instead of going about to look for another job you came home to drink, sleep and snore!
Ogiri: How? Is it not today that I lost the Job? Did I see it coming? No! Won’t I come home first and think of the next step to take? I have been working consistently for fourteen years non stop! I don’t even know where my credentials are any longer except I begin to search, I don’t have an updated CV! All these I have to come home and arrange before going out to look for another job!
Tombra: You did not come home to think! You came home to drink! (Points to the empty glass cup on the centre table. The Children leaves the sitting room with their books slowly)
Ogiri: see how you are disgracing me before my Children? Tombra what is wrong with you? You are getting me scared! You have never talked to me like this in our twelve years of marriage!

Tombra: you have never been jobless in our twelve years of marriage!
Ogiri: But you swore to stand by me for better for worse! Just my first day out of job and you are acting up this way! Darling, I hope you will not make me regret this marriage because as it stands now I need your support more than ever! I see no reason for this attitude you are putting up after all we are not yet desperate! Your Shop can sustain us until I get something to do or until they call us back to work!
Tombra: (Furious) Did You hear your self now? You hear yourself?
Ogiri: What did I say wrong?
Tombra: So you are going to wait until they call you back? And when will that be?
Ogiri: Hopefully, after the elections!
Tombra: (Claps her hands laughing sarcastically) ha ha ha! You make me laugh! That is four months from now! And what will you be doing until then? Drinking and sleeping?
Ogiri: I cannot be hungry till then, I have some savings that can carry us for the next six month.
Tombra: Including payment of the Children’s School fees when it falls due?

Ogiri: Can’t you take care of the fees for me? Your shop can take care of that nah! After all I have never asked you to give account of your shop income to me! I gave you free hand right from its inception. But now, I need your assistance.
Tombra: Bros I can’t o! I can’t at all, at all! I have other concerns I need money for!
Ogiri: (Angry) other concerns? For where? In this house of else where? Are you okay? Look here woman! It is for better for worse o! When it was rosy you were there to enjoy good life! Just today, today! That I lost my job you are already showing me attitude! You could not even persevere for a month of two before you start to complain. Just one day! One day! Tombra, you fall my hand!
Tombra: was it not you that said you want to wait until eternity before you start looking for another job? How did you expect me to react? You are scaring me with your nonchalant attitude!
Ogiri: Oh! Me! Nonchalant attitude? A whole me? I have maintained a steady job for fourteen years with a nonchalant attitude! I built this house from my savings with a nonchalant attitude! I bought you two Cars and set you up in business with my nonchalant attitude abi? Kai! Kai! Kai! My Gawd! Now I understand why it is not good to marry a girl you met when you have arrived! They will never know how to manage you when you go down because they are used to having everything at their disposal.

  • Tombra! You are a gold digger! I made a mistake in marrying you! I think I will have to convene a family meeting so that we can revisit this charade you and I called marriage!
    Tombra: (Clapping and booing) nonchalant man! Lazy man! Go and get a job! You want to turn me into a man over night! What is mine is mine! You will not see a kobo from my shop! You gave me money for business, and so what? Am I not your wife? Is it not your responsibility to make me comfortable? So why are you bragging as if you have done what Napoleon could not do? Go to Town and see what Men like you are doing for their wives! Common three million naira that you invested in my Shop we no go hear word again! (The Children emerges from the room standing side by side they stare at their Parents ranting till fade)
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As I walked out of Full moon hotel at akpajo four years ago, I walked into a new phase in my life. All I had were just my clothes and some books in a “Ghana must go” bag, my clothes were no trendy rather they were undersized and tight, my hair was plated all back and I wore sandals as I trekked the street of Akpajo towards Elelenwon with a bag on my head. I was just blank as I thudded along until I got to the elelewon- Trans woji junction just after RSTV. That was when reality began to dawn on me. There was a big bar almost opposite the Rivers State Television premises so I walked back and sat on a spare chair outside the bar. I fell asleep there.

Some girl that was sweeping the floor woke me up,

Good morning I greeted, I was startled,

Good evening! She returned, look outside! Na after five de nack.

After five? I exclaimed; so I have slept that long?.

Oya come de go o! Our Madam go soon come, abi na our madam you want see? She asked? No! but the thing be say, I no get where to go, I told her briefly about my pregnancy for my boyfriend and my being driven from home.

You sure say na those people born you? She asked. How you papa and mama go pursue you from house because you carry belle?”

They no even say make them go see the guy family or report to police,     they just drive you commot for house like that? I no believe you joor! She had said. Well, the thing be say our manager go pursue you if he see you here, if na work you want to work, that one na different thing but to just sit down here with your bag, e get as e be. Commot your bag make I sweep. She continued with her chores.

They sell food there so I bought a plate of Fufu and native soup and ate at a quarter past eight, I was definitely a nuisance there as customers were coming in to drink and to eat and very chair available was taken coupled with the fact that a “Buy one to get one free” star beer promo was on going. I packed up my bag and started trekking again. I headed to Woji through trans-woji road and by 10pm I was at the uncompleted building where Julius lived. There were so many people most especially kids roaming the compound at liberty street, no electricity but candles and lanterns were used by women selling petty provisions along the road in front of the uncompleted building, I dropped my bag by a young lady roasting plantain and fish

Good evening ma! I greeted

“Why you dey call me ma? Na me born you?” She challenged

“No vex Aunty! I beg I fit sit down here small?” I asked

“Who you be nah? You wan buy something abi you miss road?” She asked.

“Yes! I want to buy plantain and fish, I fit sit down here chop am?” I asked

Ehen! Na now you come dey talk nah. How much own?

One hundred and fifty naira, I said; Plantain one hundred and fifty naira fish. “I beg where I go get pure water?”

“ No worry! I dey sell am!” Na water dey inside that small cooler there.” She pointed at the red Coca-Cola branded Cooler just beside her

As I ate, we got talking and after several curious questions from her, I told her I am pregnant for my school boyfriend and my parent sent me packing.

Shuo! So you get belle as you dey so?

Yes Aunty.

“So na wetin you go come do now?” She asked.

“I no know, I dey confused”, I replied.

“what of that your school boyfriend? You don tell am?”

“No! I never tell am”

“Go tell am nah! At least make him know maybe him people go accept you!”

That is why I am here Aunty! I am looking for Julius, Juluis Odeh, his father works as security.

Shut up your mouth! She snapped. “You dey kolo abi you dey craze?” Which Julius Odeh? My younger brother?

Julius! Julius! She screamed.

Julius came running down with a flash light and a knife in his hands.

Aunty! Na wetin? He asked panting and glancing around for trouble.

“Look this thing well well!” She said pointing at me.

Oh! Ceece! Julius came forward and gave me a hug beaming from ear to ear!

Jesus o! Jesus o! Na true o! The lady shouted running towards the uncompleted building while people came running towards her from every angle.

“Julius don go give girl belle for school o!” she raised her voice above the sound of “I pass my Neighbour” generators running everywhere in the neighborhood.

“We never chop belle full! We no get mother to support us! Na garri we dey drink every morning and Julius go give him class girl belle!” Julius! Julius! Papa! Papa!

It was like a dream, how was I to know that this lady was in anyway related to Julius? Poor Julius.

He pulled me away from the emerging crowd and we ran away leaving my “Ghana must go” I followed him through some dark alleys and cranny’s before he stopped, we were both panting- Ceece what is the meaning of all these? What is happening? Are your really pregnant?

I nodded my head

Jesus Christ! Your father is responsible  abi? He asked

Yes! I replied, I used fifteen minutes and narrated all that had transpired to him. Now I am homeless I concluded.

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The Prof

He woke up at the earliest of dawn
from a sleep he hardly had
For his mind had been full all night
Of what fate has in store for him
For the previous day had been bad
It had rained all day
The roads were murky
His favorite spots were messy
The busy streets deserted
for people kept indoors all day

He slept in hunger
terrible dreams turning into nightmares
Kept him away awake all night
His stomach, rumbling and aching
like enzymes feasting on intestines
He had wished for death
For only that would give him rest
He lives in perpetual fear
of seeing the break of another dawn
For how could a man be so poor?
In the midst of so much

The flyovers of Rumuola
Eliozu, mile 1 and Eleme
Offer him shelter every night
He is known by everybody
Yet he knows none of them
Prof! Prof! we all call him
for he was once a school teacher

Nature has turned him a wanderer
he owns nothing, save for the Rags he wears
and the Plastic bowl he carries about
his bowl of course is for multipurpose
He is totally un kept and haggard
he smells about like a he-Goat
With eyes red and angry
for he is always hungry
seeking for busy Streets
as long as there is high footfall
He pitches his tenth therein

With his Bowl in front of him
he calls out to all that passes by
Please help me for I am hungry!!
That is his Song all day
he lives at the mercy of others

He does not have plans for tomorrow
for all his care in this life
is to eat, sleep and eat again
On days that he gets no food
He seeks for food in refuse dumps

He is not insane, no! Not Mad!
But poverty they say is a disease
that would bring a man so low
to the lowest of all esteem
what pride does a beggar have
for really he has no choice!