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So with fifty thousand naira in my pocket in the year 1997, I felt as though the world was in my pocket. I said a special prayer to God for Mr. and Mrs. Chinedu. After dotting all the ‘I’s and crossing all the T’s, I fell asleep. My sisters came back from church and were surprised at the transformation they saw in the house. Though I was sleeping, I could feel their presence. They did not wake me knowing I would evidently be exhausted.

Monday morning after a breakfast of Pap and akara, Caroline summoned us together to discuss the way forward. She suggested that we put our money together, and set up a petty trading business on basic provisions. We could build a kiosk at the front of our batcher until we raise something substantial to rent a shop at the Mammy market.

I was the only one who declined on that idea, and such opposition coming from me, the youngest of the four did not go down well with my sisters. I reminded them of the story of the ten talents Mr. Chinedu told us. I told them that the slaves did not join the money given to them together, rather each went to invest his own. I told them I had my own plans. I further reminded them that if Mr. Chinedu wanted us to combine the money, he would have given the whole two hundred thousand naira to Caroline to control.

They called me the prodigal child. Pauline even had to hand me a slap for daring to challenge Caroline, but I took it in good faith. It was finally declared that I was on my own as regards feeding, clothing, cosmetics, and so on. Pauline and Silvia gave their money to Caroline while I kept mine.


A lover of Literature. Author,Poet and Play wright. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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