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He looked into my eyes and smiled. Those eyes! Those sparks! They reassured me and I gave him my mouth.

I did not know how to kiss, but he was a good teacher, so I did whatever he did with his tongue and I enjoyed it. I held onto his head and rubbed it as sensations ran me wild.He moved his hands up into my blouse, unhooked my bra, and moved his hands through my bare back drawing imaginary lines on my spine. I was burning inside. I looked at the door to be sure it was closed. Everyone was in the parlour watching the television. I pulled off his polo shirt, and did to him what he was doing to my back. He helped me to pull off my blouse, carried me gently, and laid me on the bed. He stared at my full breast, I stared at him in the eyes, and he smiled. I pulled him on me and held him very tight. Only he could douse the fire inside of me. He moved down a little and held my breast in his hands and tickled my nipples. I moaned. He covered my breast with his mouth and did things to each of them with his tongue. I quivered and moaned as I felt a wavelike sensation flow through me. The feeling was not natural, the pleasure was out of this world, and it exploded between my thighs. I clung to him as my whole being vibrated. I was afraid to let him go.

He gradually sat on the bed and asked me, ‘Have you been this close to a man?’

‘I am a virgin if that is what you want to know.’ He smiled again. I was so happy I had impressed him.

‘Then I will have to wait,’ he said.

‘Wait for what?’ I countered.

‘For a better place and a better time.’

We played with each other some more, exploring, and discovering. I was in another realm.


A lover of Literature. Author,Poet and Play wright. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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