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The Colours of Campus 3


The president of the school’s internal security team, the Man ‘o’ War is a serving Soldier who is on a five years study leave. He is a Sergeant in the Nigerian Army Infantry corps. He had gone for three United Nations and Ecomog sponsored military operations in Liberia, Sierra Lean and Somalia. He had to seek for a study leave in order to elongate his life span because it seemed he was destined for dangerous operations. His plan was to leave the Military upon graduation from school and secure a civil job. The other members of the Man ‘o’ war team are civilian students who joined the organization for varying reasons.

Pascal is the Vice president of the Association. He is a coded member and a Lord of the Black Panthers confraternity. He is very smart and as cunning as the fox.

Kofi is the PRO of the association, he is a Ghanaian and as dark as they come, he is very blunt and strict and could smell out the bad guy in a crowd. He is the most respected and feared by the students because he does not compromise like other members who would easily look the other way when a crime is being perpetrated as long as the palm has been greased.

Emilia is a beautiful shapely girl in her mid twenties who likes to wear her Man ‘o’ war uniform every day. It makes her feel good because her curves are very conspicuous in the tight green khaki. She has slept with half of the male lecturers in the school in order to get good grades because she is not always in class for lectures or assignments; she belonged to the non academic student’s category. She is the most visible Man ‘o’ war member on campus and the least respected. She is the welfare officer of the team.

The remaining  members of the Man ‘o’ war are coded members of the various confraternities on campus. The only clean member is Kofi. Even the president is careful about issues concerning cultism. He says to himself that he did not die in the military operations he had participated in so he cannot afford to allow some miscreant civilians to put a bullet hole in his head on campus so he tries to act as a mediator when ever there is a cult clash. He prays daily for protection and guidance until the day he graduates from the school.

Sergeant Afolabi Mattew aka ‘Presido’ was briefing his team of twenty seven students inside the Man ‘o’ war conference hall.

Man o war! We! He called

Wa! The chorus

We! He called

Wa! The chorus!

Gentlemen, there is going to be trouble again o! We got information that two cult groups clashed three nights ago leading to the death of four students who live off campus! Two of them are brothers belonging to rival cults. Information has it that the brothers shot themselves. The other two died in action. We need to shine our eyes very well because they will definitely bring the fight into the campus! Exams are approaching and we all want to graduate in peace! Abi who no want to graduate here?

No one answered.

Please call me immediately you notice any suspicious person or group of persons. Remember, don’t act like a hero! I am the only one licensed to carry a gun here so don’t risk your lives. Kofi! Please we need you now as usual. Strange guys will start coming into our campus as mercenaries so please watch out for them.

Preside does not know that twenty five of his team members have different types of locally made pistols in their possession.



The relaxation spot of the school’s second campus located at Independence layout Enugu.

About thirty shops built in a U shape with a large field at the centre for parking. Each shop sells beverages, snacks and stationeries and are always filled up with students. Only non alcoholic beverages were allowed by the school authority to be sold there. Alcohol is only sold at the Staff Canteen at Campus 2. The shops have extended canopies used as sit-outs by customers. These sit-outs are also used as meeting points for students of common interest.

Today, five Hench men of the Black Panthers Confraternity meet. Headed by Ugochukwu Wali ‘The Don’ Ugo is rivers state born from the Ikwere tribe. He is popularly called ‘Danladi’ because of his proficiency in speaking the hausa language and having lived there for some years. Danladi was formally a student union president at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria but was rusticated because of student union activities. He had spear headed a revolt by the student due to poor hostel facilities. The revolt resulted in massive destruction of school properties.

He later got admission into the Bayero University Kano and started all over but was ran off in his third year because he was wanted as  the man that set BUK on fire which led to the death of three students and five police men. He had gotten probation at the end of his second year in his new school because records showed that he did not write many of his examinations. Ugochukwu actually wrote his examinations and did all his tests, but he just joined the school politics and had started spreading his radical views among the students. The student’s level of awareness was on the increase and they have started campaigning on having Ugo as the new student union president.

When all efforts by Ugo to get his real result failed, he knew he was being set up and it was time for him to leave the northern schools so on his last night in Kano the Administrative block of the school was engulfed in an inferno that razed it down. Some students and security personnel were trapped and killed in the rubble.  All fingers pointed at Ugo and he had to run out of Kano.

Danladi came down to the east to start afresh at the Institute of Management and Technology IMT. He did not want to be involved in school politics so he joined the Black Panthers and maintained a low profile.

During the political transmission of 2006 and 2007 when the apex government was trying to secure a third term in office, he was among the body guards used by politicians for protection and to unleash mayhem on rivals. His ability to speak the three major languages in Nigeria endeared him to the politicians and he made a lot of money recruiting thugs for them. Eventually his Chairman won the elections and he settled all the bad boys without rancour. On his resumption for his HND program he came as a very big boy and was unanimously made the Don of the Panthers. Danladi has been able to keep the Panthers out of trouble since he became the Don and he desired to do so until he graduates. He spends his money to help the broke guys in his fold and lends them money too. He has four buses that shuttle between Campus 2 and 3 conveying students and remitting weekly returns to him. He is in HND 1 Accountancy, he lives off campus and drives a clean Toyota Camry 2.0 1998 model.

He is seated with four other Lords including Pascal the Man ‘o’ war VP.

Pascal was talking;

 Guys! There is problem o! The information we have is that there is a cult clash between us and the Hawks which has led to the death of four students including the so called Kumalo and his brother plus two unknown soldiers!

Haba! Danladi exclaimed. But we are not at war with any one nah! Who dey spread this rumour? Now the police and the Man ‘o’ war will be on out trail, which kind nonsense be dis nah?

We need to meet in the wilderness quickly to inform our Soldiers of this development and warn them to stir out of any trouble! They should be mindful of what they do or say hence forth! Kevwe said. Kevwe is the second man of the Panther, he is the Capone.

We all know that the Hawk is responsible for the hit, not after that guy humiliated Egbe! But who is bringing us in? Kevwe asked aloud.

I think it is better we leave our soldiers out of it for now! Danladi suggested. Let keep it with the Lords for now. The less they know, the better for them, we know those of them to carry along. I will go to the Police officers mess and talk to one or two persons. I need to set the records straight to avoid massive arrest of our soldiers and us too. The police need to know where to look and not to go on random sampling which will affect so many innocent people. The Hawks hit those guys and by so doing, they should bear the consequence! I don’t want anything to happen to me or any of my men.

The owner of the shop came and asked what the students wanted to eat or drink.

Give us meat pie and Fayrouz! Danladi said.

Why una no dey sell beer here sef? Kevwe asked.

The owner laughed; na una school policy nah! He said as he went for their order.

Well, me I dey with a small bottle of Goskolus for my pocket o! Kevwe said as he brought out a flat transparent bottle containing locally distilled gin. He placed it on the table and covered it with an exercise book. It will be fun to mix this with the fayrouz he said.

Correct guy! Correct guy! Others commended.

So what do we do now? Asked Maxwell, the number three man who has being quiet all the while but had been busy scanning the environment for any suspicious moves. He is the ‘Slaughter’ of the Panther and the chief ‘hit man’. He is the son of the school’s registrar. He has nine deaths to his credit and still counting. Maxwell single handily ended an ensuing Cult clash rampage when he was in ND 2 by inviting the heads of the warring factions for a peace talk at a Hotel at Achara Layout. The four heads are yet to return till date and that ended the war then. He is easily the deadliest on Campus. He seldom talks and so he is unpredictable, he does not drink nor smoke and he does not have a girl friend. Even Danladi does not pray to be in Maxwell’s black book.

Who do we need to take out? He asked again.

We are not taking any one out Max! Danladi cautioned. We only need to be vigilant.

But we are being framed here! Max persisted.

Yes! I think so too, Danladi said; but from my source, only Kumalo’s brother was killed, Kumalo is still missing in action. We need to reach Kumalo before any one does! The Police, the Man ‘o’ war and the Hawks will be looking for Kumalo now!

But how will those stupid wingless Hawks just kill a Jew man like that? A common Jew man! For their mind now dem don pull hit be that o! Who told them to install a weakling as Capone? He was talking to himself. Maxwell.

The shop owner brought their Order. Kevwe brought out the mixer. The shop owner saw it and feigns ignorance. It was better than some other unruly group that came to buy three sticks of cigarette and ended up mixing and smoking it with five parcels of Indian hemp publicly.



Detectives Peter and Sandra entered the building; they went to the receptionist desk and flashed their badges before making enquiries. They were directed to the office of the Chief Consultant.

The Chief consultant is a bespectacled old Lady in her sixties. Her face has multiple colours as a result of several years of rubbing make ups, some part of the face looked burnt, other areas are permanently coloured in red, green and black. She does no longer make up again as her face is permanently made giving her the most ferocious and funny look ever because she was always aggressive and angry.

The Detectives flashed their badges as they entered her office and introduced them selves and their mission.

You are different from the people that brought him here! She declared. And what do you want with him? She directed the question at Peter. Peter almost laughed at her face, it was like a hungry Fox chewing Kola nut. The colour of her teeth cannot be gotten in any colour brochure. Peter nodded at Sandra.

You are quite right Madam, Sandra offered; the patrol team that brought him here were on a routine job. They relayed their findings to our headquarters and HQ disseminated to every station. That is standard procedure. Now we are the detectives covering the institute of Management and technology and we have been assigned to take up the case ma! We have been on this for about two weeks now.

Hmm? The Consultant looked at the detectives again through the rim of her glasses. When she stared at Peter, he could not hold it any longer. He busts out laughing. And he excused himself from the office.  Sandra took thirty minutes to plead and pacify the Chief consultant. Eventually she collected and made photocopies of their police ID cards and their detective badges, she made several frantic phone calls before ushering them to the ward where Kumalo was admitted.

He was brought here almost dead two weeks ago by your patrol team at night. The young man was shot in the stomach, he was very lucky that no vital organ was damaged, just perforation of the intestines and the abdominal walls. He has survived! He is very strong willed. She explained to them on their way to the ward.

She opened the door to the ward and asked the nurse in the ward a few questions.

Kumalo was lying on his back. His abdomen was wrapped in bandages and there were bruises on the sides of his face. A pack of drip containing yellowish liquid hung above his head discharging its contents gradually into his body. His right ankle was cuffed to the metal beam of the metallic 6 by 6 inches bed.

I wonder why you people put that thing on his foot! Chief snapped.

It is standard procedure! Sandra said.

This annoyed the Chief and she became furious, she faced Peter to complain but peter pointed at Sandra and backed out to laugh some more.

Do you think he will run away in his condition? She asked Sandra; you could have one of your men stationed at the door of the ward to guard him instead of chaining him down like this! With this on his foot how do you expect him to turn around and change position? Don’t you know this will have an adverse effect on his body? Now Sandra saw why Peter was laughing but she pinched herself hard and she screamed out of pain so as to distract the woman.

What is wrong with you? Chief asked with concern.

It is cramps ma! Sandra said. I had a running stomach this morning, Sandra clutched at her stomach. I will be okay ma! She said. And ma, we do not have enough man power. We did not make the rules ma, we simply follow!

Like Zombies abi? Chief asked.

Yes ma! Like Zombie! Peter answered from behind as he joined them in the room.

You this silly detective! By the time I inject you with Amonia, you will have the laugh of your life! Silly boy! Please i will leave you now and you have just ten minutes to do what ever you want with him but note that this is a hospital and not a police station! If you do any how here, you will see any how!

Yes ma! Peter saluted.

The consultant left, peter pulled a spare seat and sat by the left side of the bed while Sandra went and stood y the right, she checked the cuff on Kumalo’s ankle to see if it was tight or loose.

Hello! I am detective Peter of the state CID and beside you is Sandra my partner. We are on top of your case and we hope you would be able to assist us. We need to catch up with the guys that did this to you and killed your brother.

Where is my brother’s body now? Kumalo asked

He is still at the mortuary, your people have been contacted and they will be coming for the corpse tomorrow. Peter said.

When will he be buried? Kumalo asked

We don’t know for now until your people arrive! Sandra offered

Kumalo started to cry painfully because his stomach wound was yet to heal.

Please don’t over work yourself! Peter advised. Everything will be okay. It is your own protection that is important to us now. Those that killed your brother will want to silence you at all cost since you were supposed to be dead too. Isn’t it? Peter asked.

Sir! Kumalo called through clenched teeth.

Yes? Peter answered.

If I should survive this attack ehn?  Ha! Oga blood go flow o! Imagine they just killed Jumbo like say na fowl! Just because of two fighting o! Ha! Oga i be waffi boy o! My eyes don see tire oga!

Please take it easy Okiemute! Sandra said. That is why we are here! Please give us names! But first of all, are you one of them? I mean which cult doo you belong to?

I don’t belong to any cult here! Kumalo answered.

Do you belong to any cult any where? Peter asked.

I be Egbesu boy for home! That na normal runs for home. Jumbo and I are members! Oga! The thing wey this boys do so na big insult to Egbesu! It is better they vamoose from this earth before I well o!

Stop talking like that Okiemute! Do you realize we are police detectives? Sandra cautioned.

Na today? Kumalo asked. Which kind police detective? Where were you guys when we were shot? You never see the Nigerian police when ever you need them! He said

But the police saw you and brought you here nah? Sandra countered.

The police did not see me first else I would be dead by now! Kumalo corrected. It was a hunter that saw me! The man just left here now, he comes here daily to see me. The man told me that the police collected two thousand naira from him to fuel their Van before they brought me here. When i regained consciousness, I realized that all the money in my pocket, my wrist watch and my neck chain were not on me and the hospital said the police did not give them any of my belongings. Only my school ID card was left in my wallet, even the two pieces of gold circle condom that I always carried in my wallet was gone! Taken by your men!

Peter shook his head sadly. I am sorry Okiemute, please can you give me the address of the hunter that rescued you? We will need to meet with him.

I don’t know his number but you can get it from the nurses here, they have his contact detail. Kumalo said.

Okay! Now back to why we are here, kindly give us the full gist of what led to the attack on you and your younger brother!


A lover of Literature. Author,Poet and Play wright. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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