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The colours of Campus 3



 Assistant superintendent of police Sunday Onche was addressing a group of six under cover police men that works in the three major campuses of the higher institutions in the capital city.

There has been a red alert! It came in about 1.00AM this morning. A student of IMT was killed in his room, it was a BID case at the hospital, and an AK 47 riffle ripped his brains out of his skull! The student has an elder brother who is missing, but from homicide findings, the missing brother has wound also. The blood samples taken from the room belong to two people. It is either the brother is in a hospital somewhere or he is dead somewhere.

Detectives Peter Uche and Sandra Nwokocha! This is your bit! Collect all necessary information from the duty sergeant, Mr. Linus and commence action Asap!

Mission: Find the missing brother popularly called Kumalo and find the killers of the younger brother! You may leave us now! ASP commanded.

Yes sir! Peter saluted and left the control room

Sandra saluted and asked; sir! Are there any clues for us to start with sir?

Yes! He answered, collect all clues from the duty sergeant! You are dismissed!

Yes sir! She saluted and left.

ASP Sunday continued; Detectives Zakky and detective Maria! What is the update at the University of Nigeria Enugu campus? Any development with the car robbery gang?

Yes sir! Zakky stood up; we have closed in on a gang of three boys and two girls. The girls lure their sugar daddies into the campus and the boys strike. We are also narrowing on the buyer of the Cars from the boys!

Hopefully we shall close the case in a week sir! Mary added.

Good! Good! ASP Sunday clapped his hands. I love this! The commissioner will be very impressed with what you guys have done. Remember the AIG’s car was also snatched by those scoundrels.

Oga! Mary called; they have a ware house where stolen cars are kept at Uwani. They keep the cars there until all tension and agitations by the police have cooled off. The ware house is like a mechanic work shop in a market place where people go about their buying and selling businesses normally meanwhile the boys of the main buyer are busy working on disguising the stolen cars in the ware house.

Wow! Can you beat that? ASP Sunday said. Any clue as to who this or these buyers may be? He asked

Yes sir! Zakky answered. The cars are driven out of Enugu at night to Kano sir!

Kano! ASP exclaimed

Yes sir! Mary said; our guys at Kano are keeping tabs on the Alhaji sir!

Alhaji? Wow! This case is turning into an octopus o! ASP fumed. The Alhaji will also have a network of people to sell the cars to nah! ASP exclaimed.

Exactly sir! Zakky said. And that is why we need to be careful so as not to alert them and scuttle the whole ops!

Good! Good! Well done boys! I am very impressed! You are dismissed for today!

Detectives Zakky Abdulahi and Maria Oyebiyi saluted and left the office.

ASP turned to the last two detectives left in the control room.

Now! Detectives Solomon and Emem! How far with Enugu state university? He asked

The two detectives stare at each other, one expecting the other to speak.

Are you guys okay? I say what is the update at Esut and you are staring at each other! ASP barked.

Talk nah! Solomon told Emem.

You nko? Can’t you talk? Emem fired back

Are you People crazy or what? ASP shouted stamping his foot angrily on the floor. Solomon! Talk now before I change my mind!

Oga! I can’t work with this girl again o! Solomon said

And why is that? ASP asked

Oga! This girl is an Ashawo!

Na your mother be Ashawo! Emem fired back

Sir! She just dey wire all the boys for that campus! She has lost focus!  Solomon continued.

What? Emem! You are wiring students! ASP shouted.

Sir! It is not like that o! It is because I refused to wire him o! He has been making advances at me since we teamed up together for this operation but I told him it is not good for the job.

So are you sleeping with any student? ASP asked

Yes sir! I have a student boy friend. He is a staff of MTN. He is not a small boy, he is older that me and we are in a relationship.

Did you explain that to Solomon? ASP asked.

Yes sir! He knows everything, he is just furious because i gave in to the guy after he had made several advances! Emem said.

Look! You guys should not allow personal issues to affect the job! Do you hear me? ASP asked.

Yes sir! The two answered.

Now! Concerning the prostitution racket at Esut, what is the update? He asked them.

Nothing yet sir! Solomon said, we are still looking for clues sir!

And you Emem! Same story? ASP asked.

No sir! She replied.

So what is your story? ASP asked.

There is a cartel of bad girls headed by one Chioma Nwokolo, aka Big Mama. She is a final year mass communication student and she recruits girls for local and international prostitution she works for an international human trafficker based in Lagos and Italy. Chioma is bi-sexual; she connects lesbians to lesbians and makes money from them in the form of commission. She supplies politicians, business men and heads of corporate bodies with assorted girls during social functions and she gets paid. She uses a Hummer jeep on campus and uses money as bait to get poor girls.

This Lady is also the out going leader of the Black brazier confraternity, a female cult group on Campus!

Wow! Wow! Wow! ASP Sunday whistled.

I was able to hack into her phone line where I got all the names of her contacts including text massages of bank alerts and indicting conversations. I was able to do this with the help of my MTN guy! Sir! Some of her clients would interest you!

You mean am! ASP asked.

I swear Oga! She replied. Well i have zeroed in on her totally but i am waiting for Lagos to close in on the big fish there before we close up this case!

ASP clapped his hands severally. Good girl! Good girl! My dear, your promotion is secured! Wow! Wow! You mean you single handled all these? Why did you not carry your partner along?

He does not trust me sir! Emem said. He does not tell me anything and whatever I tell him, he does not show interest!

Solomon! What do you have to say to that? ASP masked.

Nothing sir! Solomon blurted after two minutes of trying to say something reasonable.

Good!  Detective Solomon, report yourself to the guard room immediately! You have been wasting the lean resources of the Nigerian Police! Look at yourself! See the girl you were supposed to team up with! Instead of working together you were busy trying to sleep with her, meanwhile she was doing your job and hers together! I will make sure you refund all the allowances paid to you because you do not deserve it!

ASP collected the detectives badge from Solomon as he trudged out of the room.

Solomon will be drafted to Maiduguri I swear!  He is an idiot! He will go and join the civilian JTF to fight Boko Haram terrorist there!

He shook hands with Emem; well done detective! I am very proud of you! I will get you another partner from the college, not a he goat like Solomon! My regards to Mr. MTN, you are dismissed!

Thank you sir! Emem saluted and left the control room.


A lover of Literature. Author,Poet and Play wright. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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