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I made sure my uniform was ever sparkling
My green khaki shorts well ironed
My light green shirt starched to still
Brown Cortina shoes polished to glow
With sparkling white stockings

I sure answered all asked questions in class
At the front row where I could be by you
Though I had all writing materials
I would rather borrow from you
I did not go out for break unless you did

I felt all your pains silently, when you were ill
Prayed fervently for your recovery
I wished to be sick so I could be with you
In the School Clinic on admission beds

I hated Mr. Akpan our math teacher
For difficult questions he asked you always
Questions that earned you his strokes
I hated any, who got you humiliated

Always present at evening preps
Because you did not miss evening preps
I lost focus when you missed prep
I lost concentration when you were present
I was consumed with so much of you
I smiled when I saw you laughing
Even though I knew not why you laughed
I beheld your innocent beauty
In your purple checkered day wear
Twice I fought Kennedy for calling you names

I wanted so much to be by your side
To be the only boy you played with
To share my provisions and snacks with
I wanted to tell you how I felt towards you
I wished you had read my short messages
Written at the back pages of your books I borrowed

My heart tore to a thousand pieces
When I sought you during prep class
Thought you were sick so you missed prep
But you were with Jude in his class
Side by side you sat chatting and flirting

It killed me to see Jude walking with you
During sporting activities it was Jude by you
During manual labour he was helping you out
All I wanted from you, you gave to Jude
I failed my examinations because you
You were the answer to all my examinations’ questions

Finally, you nailed the coffin on me
When at close of the third term
All were packed and ready to go home
I waited for you to leave before I left
I would leave but I had with Jude, scores to settle
But when your Daddy came to take you home
Jude put his luggage in your Daddy’s car and off you all drove.


A lover of Literature. Author,Poet and Play wright. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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