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My beloved home land and abode
The ancient City of my Fore Fathers

The City of the great Ngwa Race

The land of the great Elephants
The Land of merchants and Business moguls
The Land of agile  sports men and Women
The land rich in food and waters
Ariaria, Foulks road, Ogbor hill, Azikiwe road, Umungasi, ikot ekpene road.
The Streets and roads that make Aba what it is

The land of great women
History will never forget your exploit of 1929
but what happened to you?
Your beauty, your pride where are they?
Where are the gallant Elephants?
Where are those Industries that made you thick?
Where are your youths?
All like Sheep’s have gone astray
Every one to his Tent like the Israelis
Your youths are scattered about

Like scoundrels they fight for survival
All man for himself, survival of the fittest
Your Streets are littered with dirt’s
Your Air is filled with Stench of pollution
Your Streets and Roads are now dumping ground for refuse and sewage

Mosquitoes sing lullaby in our ears all night
We sleep with one eye open and Ears drawn
Your Youths have become Lazy
They all seek the easiest way out
They resort to crime and vices as means of survival

They lost confidence in their selves, and then the state
The number of Youth Lunacy increase by the day.
Your Maidens pervade the streets at Night
I fear my Shadow at Nights…No one is safe
Fear of Hoodlums, the Police, Army, Bakassi boys

You used to be known for your versatility
now you are tagged king of fake products
you used to be a delight to Investors and Tourist
Now you are desolate, left to die in the pool of your blood
The great Elephant!! Now you trod with head bowed in shame

How are the mighty fallen? Your eyes are beclouded in tears
your skin patched with bruises and scars from your struggles
Aba my Aba, who will bring back your Glory??
You have been lied to for too long

Those you so trusted have always betrayed you
They are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
Vampires! They have sucked your Children dry
Like the breast of an old, the water has run dry
They tax your Children with numerous levies
They do not care for your Children

They eat alone, they and their Children yet unborn
They use the Sweat of your Children and build castles in foreign lands
They loot you to enrich other lands
Unrepentant fools they are! They do not hear the wailing of the people.

But I have a dream!
That one day, the Elephant will bounce back
That posterity will catch up with the evil doers
That we shall be free from “our own” that has held us captive
That the length of Port Harcourt road and Aba Owerri road
Shall be liken to the streets of Paris

That investors, Tourist, foreigners shall be struggling to come to our land
That our youths shall make sports and entertainment lucrative
That our children shall become professionals of various endeavors
I foresee a wind of Change
A hurricane, a cyclone that will sweep the land of all ills

And usher in a haven of peace and tranquility
I see the rebirth of my home land for good
Then shall we all gather at the Great Eyimba Stadium
And sing with one voice “Nzogbu! Nzogbu!! Enyii mba Enyii!!!
The dawn of a new era.
By Awoleye Ayokunle.


A lover of Literature. Author,Poet and Play wright. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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