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The End


Dandy’s bar: morning. Workers are cleaning up the mess of last night activities: Tombra saunters into the environment looking very unkempt, she looks around and beckons at one of the workers in Dandy’s Bar. Worker approach her and they talk then worker points at Dandy’s office.

Tombra walks briskly towards the Office as Dandy emerges and sees her, he gives a long hiss and turns to go back into the Office but Tombra runs and pulls him back, she falls on her knees

Tombra: Oga Dandy please don’t walk out on me! Please I beg you in the name of God!

Dandy: (Barking) see me see trouble o! Am I your husband? Why did you not say that to Lanky when he walked out on you? So you can kneel down before me now! Me! Another woman’s husband! But you could not kneel before your own husband! What do you want here please, I am a busy man!

Tombra: My husband sir! My husband and my Children! Please help me to locate them!

Dandy: shuo! I should locate them? Am I a compass or am I goggle map? Am I your family’s keeper? Why come to me? I am not even related to Lanky! Don’t you know his relatives?

Tombra: I know Ogiri is your friend and he comes here! Oga help me please! (Crying)

Dandy: woman why are you just coming for them now? Lanky left home about eight months now! You have not seen your children for about six months now! Are you just waking up from a drugged sleep? Something must be wrong! What happened to you madam? Even the way you look shows that all is not well! What happened to you?

Tombra: em, em, yes! Yes o! Something terrible happened to me! I was duped, I lost everything to fraudsters! I lost everything! My shop, my Cars and my building in Okirirka! Even my father’s lands were all confiscated by the Bank in order to recover the loan I collected to finance a business deal that turned out to be a farce! I am kobo less as you see me here! I can’t even go back to my family! My father has sworn to beat me to death if he sees me! My brothers are also calling for my head as they were hoping to inherit my father’s lands!

Dandy: (feels sober) hmm, what a life! Pride goes before a fall! So what do you need Lanky for now? Have you forgotten he does not have a job?

Tombra: I just need to see him and apologize for all I did to him; I know it is nemesis that has caught up with me! My father and my friends misled me!

Dandy: I don know their where about please!

Tombra: Oga Dandy, please nah! I am begging you in the name of God! To ere is human and to forgive is divine!

Dandy: oh! So you know that now? When we were all begging you to assist you husband, did you agree? You turned your back against the Father of your Children; you prefer your family to the family formed by you and your husband! You sex starved your husband! You denied him food in his house! You denied him the use of his matrimonial bed! You disrespect and embarrass him constantly in the presence of his Kids! Lanky was confined to sleeping with the Children or in the sitting room! You became a colossus in the house! Giving orders and instructions! Lanky became less than nothing before you! Do you know who Lanky was before you married him? (Shakes his head) go and research very well then you would understand why we respect him so much! Lanky was deceived by your churchy attitude! That was why he picked you for a wife because there were so many girls in his life and when it was time to settle down, he became confused. If not, who know you? And like a thief in the night, you talked him into establishing you, we thought it was a good idea, some of us warned him not to give you total free hand in the business, but Lanky has always been a big boy with a good heart and a lover of his women so he let you be. But you had your ulterior motive! Building a duplex for your family without carrying Lanky along! Is that what your learnt from all the fellowships and church services you attend?

Tombra: what God has joined together, let no man put ASUNDER!

Dandy: ehen? Are you blind? Or you simply refused to see! So all the so called church activities you partake in are for nothing? Can’t you see you allowed your selfishness and your money to put asunder in your marriage? For your information, you got what you deserve! You are not a good woman let alone a good wife! I think you are better off the way you are now! You cannot come and reap where you did not sow! For your information madam Thatcher! Lanky has bounced back better and bigger than you ever knew him to be!  Your Children are in one of the best schools in Ghana and they are doing great! And for lanky, we shall invite you very soon for his traditional marriage!

(Dandy walks out o her: she collapse on the floor)




A seasoned salesman, a logistician, a lover of Literature. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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