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Asunder! Acts 14-15


Ogiri and a beautiful young Lady are sitting together under a tree in a local setting, they sit side by side, the lady has a tray containing melon seeds on her laps, and they both scoop from the tray to peel.

Ogiri: Kate, are you always this quiet? I don’t know of any school Teacher that is this quiet o!

Kate: (Laughs) I am not quiet o! Go and ask from my Parents. You can even ask your Uncle’s wife! I am not quiet!

Ogiri: (pushes her softly on the shoulder) na lie joor! Mama J said you are a quiet and humble girl! But I don’t like quiet girls’ o! They will be hurting inside without voicing out their minds! Are you like that?

Kate: no I am not o! Ha! Me I speak my mind o!

Ogiri: Okay! If na so, speak your mind now!

Kate: ahn ahn! (Laughs) just like that? What is there to speak?

Ogiri: I can see that you have a lot of questions to ask me

Kate: (Laughs out loud) ahn ahn! Are you a prophet? Who says I have a lot to ask you?

Ogiri: of course I know! I can see it in your eyes!

Kate: (Laughs) oh Uncle Ogiri! You are too funny!

Ogiri: (feigns surprise) what was that? What did you just call me?

Kate: (Surprised) ahn ahn! I called your name nah! Or have you changed your name? I know your mates call you Lanky, but to us younger ones we call you Uncle Ogiri!

Ogiri: I beg you in the name of every thing you hold dear; I am not your uncle o! I know all my Nephews and nieces and you don’t fall into that category at all. Call me Lanky! Call me Ogiri! But I beg, I beg  no call me Uncle! I no be your uncle! In fact I have a better name for you to call me!

Kate: a better name?

Ogiri: yes nah!

Kate: and what would that be?

Ogiri: (whispers into her ears)

Kate: (Laughing uncontrollably) oh my God! Oh God! So you are this funny?

Ogiri: no be joke o! But please don’t call me Uncle again!

Kate: okay! Okay! I won’t call you Uncle again!

Ogiri: Oya call me my new name let me hear!

Kate: (Laughs out loud and shakes her head) no! No! Not now nah!

Ogiri: Okay you are shy abi?

Kate: No o!

Ogiri: Oya call me nah!

Kate: (More laughs and she whispers into his ears) are you okay now?

Ogiri: (Smiles) Okay that will do for now, but later I want you to say it loud! So back to the matter, ask me what is on your mind!

Kate: (smiling) Okay, what do you want from me?

Ogiri: (Taken aback) shuo! Wow! Well, em, em, I was not expecting that line of question! As in, it came too direct!

Kate: You said I should speak my mind nah!

Ogiri: My dear you get mind true- true and you no dey beat around the bush! Okay listen make I tell you my own mind also. Kate, I want a serious relationship with you! One that would lead to marriage!

Kate: ha!

Ogiri: na wetin?

Kate: that’s too direct nah!

Ogiri: na so!

Kate: But you are a married man with Kids nah! What sort of joke are you playing on me? For the records, I want you to know that I cannot be a second Wife to any Man no matter your worth!

Ogiri: cool down, calm down please and don’t be offended. Perhaps I was too direct. It is a long story but I will cut it short, details will follow as we get to know each other better. I am no longer a married man and talking about my worth, for your information, I am not worth anything again o! I have been out of Job for close to a year now! I am in the labour market as I speak with you. In fact if there is a vacancy for a teaching job in your school kindly contact me! I can teach Agric science, Biology, Physics and even Mathematics! (Kate looks shocked) see! Help me talk to your school Principal! I am ready to do anything!

Kate: What about your Wife? We know she is well to do!

Ogiri: My dear, she abandoned me several months ago when I lost my Job! She said her money is not to be shared with me but with her nuclear family! Her marriage to me was “for better, for better” She was not ready to suffer with me! Can you imagine that I have not touched a woman in almost a year now?

Kate: (Surprise) shuo! For real?

Ogiri: yes nah! Please I do not want to rush you; I just need a shoulder to lean on at this time of my life! I am not a lazy man, I will rise again, and when I rise again, I will need a friend and a companion, not a lone ranger like Tombra my so called wife!

Kate: hmm, na wa o! So the rich also cry for real!

Ogiri: My Sister! I am wailing! Not just crying. I thank God for friends that I have helped in the past, I thank God for my Uncle and his wife! They have been sustaining me since I exhausted my savings!

Kate: what about your Children?

Ogiri: They are now schooling in Ghana! They are both in Secondary School there.

Kate: But you came here with a brand new car? I know your Car but this is different!

Ogiri: I told you I have Friends that are good. It belongs to a Friend!

Kate: Do you still drink?

Ogiri: By the grace of God, yes! I still drink once in a while. But for now, I don’t have the money for beer.

Kate: well, I am sorry for all you have passed through. By the grace of God, everything you lost will be restored in Jesus name!

Ogiri: Amen o! Amen!

Kate: Everyone here in the Village know you as a kind hearted and generous man! Even my elder brother Fubara use to speak of your magnanimity.

Ogiri: Which Fubara? Do I know him?

Kate: Yes! You were classmates throughout your secondary School!

Ogiri: (Exclaims) wait a minute! Jesus Christ! Godspower Fubara! Is Godspower Fubara your brother! The honourable member of the House of assembly!?

Kate: (Nods her head smiling) Yes! He is our first born! I am the last! I am Kate Fubara!

Ogiri: Kate Fubara! Oh my Gawd! Your bros na my G nah! Na my main man! Do you know we were very close?

Kate: of course I know! Why do you think I gave you audience in the first place? Besides, Mama Joe has told me everything that befell you.

Ogiri: Mama Joe? Are you serious? Wow! Well, they have been wonderful People. Uncle and Mama Joe, they spoke well about you too. I will call Fubara  and introduce my self as his in-law!

Kate: which in-law? Don’t bet on it o! (Pushes him softly on the shoulder)

Ogiri: This one no be bet matter! This one na confirm! Wow! It’s like I have Butterflies in my stomach! I have not felt like this in a long while. I never knew that meeting with you could turn out this way! I feel like I have known you forever!

Kate: me too, I feel so free with you. I will talk to my principal tomorrow as per the vacancy. I think we need a physics Teacher in S.S.2, Mr. Johnson has entered politics so the School needs a replacement.

Ogiri: (Hugs her) wow! Thank you! Thank you so much!

Kate: (pushes him off) not yet nah! It’s too early to celebrate when I have not even told him yet, what of if he has other plans for the position?

Ogiri: (relaxes) Okay, okay! But it is comforting enough to even hear that there is a vacancy somewhere! That statement has been scarce to my ear! Every where I went it was ‘no vacancy’

Kate: (Looks at her wrist watch) Uncle Ogiri! Its time for me to go and meet my mother in the shop!

Ogiri: wetin you call me now?

Kate: (covers her mouth to supress a laugh) Oh I am so sorry!

Ogiri: oya call me again make I hear!

Kate: uhun! Not now (She stands up and begins to tidy up the work environment)

Ogiri: don’t worry! By the time my twins will be kicking inside your stomach, I will see if you will still be calling me Uncle!

Kate: (Laughs) don’t bet on it o!

Ogiri: (Mimics her) don’t bet on it o!

Kate: Please wait for me let me go inside and drop this tray in the house and change my Clothes too. Hope you don’t mind?

Ogiri: Shuo! I dey craze? If you say I should stand here till you go to Sokoto and return, I will stay! (Kate laughs and runs off)

(Ogiri walks around the tree; he hails someone greeting him from afar. He brings out his Phone and begins to fiddle with it as Kate re- enters, she goes straight to him and plants an envelope in his hand)

Kate: Don’t open it until you are alone please. Please manage whatever you see inside; you know I am just a School teacher!

(Ogiri stops and looks at the envelope in his hands, then he looks down into her eyes, pulls her close and plants a kiss on her lips)






(Police station: D.P.O’s office. The D.P.O is seated while Tombra stands opposite his Table; two Bank Officials are seated opposite the table facing the D.P.O)

D.P.O: so Madam! Who is your guarantor? Who was your surety while collecting this loan?

Tombra: My Father Sir!

D.P.O: Your Father? Can he help you to repay the loan now?

Tombra: (Shakes her head) no sir!

D.P.O: why? Did he not sign an under taking to help you out in case of your inability to service the loan?

Tombra: (Crying) he can’t pay o! He can’t. He is a retired Soldier! He lives on his meagre pension with my Mother in the Village! They are just managing o!

D.P.O: we may need to bring your Father here! As long as he had signed to surety you, then he is liable! Do you People know the implications of signing a document at all? What Properties does your Father own?

Tombra: he has Lands! The Lands are to be bequeathed to my brothers!

D.P.O: where are the Lands?

Tombra: He has two plots at Port Harcourt town and a plot at Rumuodumanya! He has some plots in the Village too!

D.P.O: the lands in the Village don’t have economic value! (To the bankers) did you copy that? We shall confiscate the document of those lands except those ones in the Village. We shall call an estate- valuer to ascertain their worth! You already have the documents of her house in Okirirka abi?

Bankers: yes sir!

D.P.O: what of the particulars of the house she is living in presently?

Banker 1: it is her husband’s property and was not tied to the loan from inception.

D.P.O: Can’t it be tied to the loan now? After all he is her husband! We will get him here! Madam, where is your husband?

Tombra: (Crying) I don’t know o! He lost his job and he ran away from the house since last year! I don’t know where he went to! He ran away with my two Children! I have not seen my Children since he took them away o!

D.P.O: what kind of talk is that? Your husband lost his job and he ran away! Is he a mad man! What sort of man would do that when he has a well to do woman like you as wife? And how can a jobless man run away with your Children? Well, that’s your personal palaver! (To Bankers) I hope you have taken possession of the Shop and her Cars?

Bankers: yes sir! We have the keys and documents sir!

D.P.O: good! She will remain in custody until someone comes to bail her! I would like you People to be here tomorrow or next so we can summarize all the recoverable money from her properties and her father’s properties so that we can settle this issue quickly and out of court as she pleaded!

Banker 1: next tomorrow will be appropriate sir!

D.P.O: but from what I see the money won’t be fully recovered! Nine million naira is not nine thousand naira!

Banker: you are right sir, but let see what we can gather first! Em, the documents to the father’s property, how soon can we get it sir?

D.P.O: I am drafting a team to Okirika now to go and bundle her father back here! And he is to come with the land document. She will go with them but she will be in cuffs so as to show the father that we mean business, I know old Soldiers! They are more stubborn than serving soldiers!

(Banker stands up to leave; they shake hands with the D.P.O)

Banker 1: we appreciate your assistance so far D.P.O! Thank you so much!

D.P.O: you are welcome! It’s our job! (Bankers exit) madam! Your case is different o! I have heard of women leaving their husbands and running off with the Kids but not the other way round! I am sure you are not telling us the truth but like I said, it’s your personal palaver! (He dials the intercom on his table and picks the receiver) Corporal Amachree! Come and remand this suspect back to custody! (Drops the receiver)

(Corporal Amachree comes in and whisks Tombra away)




A seasoned salesman, a logistician, a lover of Literature. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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