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Asunder! Acts 10-13


Exterior: Ogiri parks a brand new Toyota Camry 2.2 at the front of his Uncles house, the Children rush out to meet him as usual and he dishes out snacks to them. Uncle and Mama Joe were seated outside peeling melon seed from a big bowl placed on a small stool, they look up to see Ogiri and the Kids, Uncle Joes begins to hail)

Uncle Joe: yes o! That’s my Boy! That’s my Son! The true Son of his father! O God! O my God how I wish your Father my brother is alive to see this day! (He begins to cry) the Wife consoles him) I know Ogiri is not a failure! The spirits of your father and your mother are not sleeping! (He looks up and raises his hands) Thompson my Brother! You no dey sleep! You and your Wife don try! Una don commot shame from our eyes! Make una sleep well o! Make una rest well! Oh God almighty! I thank you! I thank you o! (Falls down crying)

Mama Joe: na dream I dey dream? I no understand wetin they happen! Ogiri na who get Motor? Who give you this fine Coat to wear?

Ogiri: Mama!( He hugs her and pulls Uncle Joe up and hugs him too, brings out a handkerchief and wipes Uncle Joes, face, they hold unto each other for a long hug , Uncle continues to sob while Ogiri consoles him patting his back). Mama no be dream, na the work of God! Na God use my friends to change my story o! That na my official Car! I get driver o! Today na Saturday so I release am to go do other things for himself!

Mama Joe: My husband! I happy for you o! Ha! I thank God o! (Dances and sings in Kalabari) yes! Satan shame on to you! All power belongs to Jesus! Shame don catch them! God pass them! Oya! Sit down food dey for fire!

Ogiri: Mama no vex I no go fit wait to eat, my waka still plenty, I just say make I show make una see me! E don reach two months wey una see me nah!

Uncle Joe: na true! Na true!

Mama Joe: no o! You no fit just go like that nah! Make I put am for Flask for you! (She dashes off)

Ogiri: (Removes his wallet and counts some wads of naira notes and tucks into his Uncles wrapper) hide this one first before mama show back! (Uncle removes the money, raises his wrapper up and puts the money into the pocket of his short pants beneath the wrapper)

Uncle Joe: Thank you my Boy! Thank you! God go bless you! Old boy na plenty money you give me so! No be one one thousand naira notes be that?

Ogiri: Uncle, forget that thing! You be like a father to me! No amount is too much for you and mama!

Uncle: na true! Na true! (Mama Joe returns)

Mama Joe: ehen! (Hands over the food flask) oya take! Put am for your Motor, when you reach house you eat am! Na Starch and banga soup with correct Stock Fish!

Ogiri: Mama de Mama! You too much! Oya take your own (removes his wallet again and counts wads of naira notes, he hands them over to mama and then count a smaller quantity and gives to Uncle Joe again)

Mama and Uncle begins to jubilate and pray for Ogiri

Ogiri: Uncle, I de go Abuloma to carry my Children, I hear say them go spend weekend there with Tombra Cousin, I de go kidnap them! They will live with me in Okirika and I will change their School!

Uncle Joe: Yes! Yes! Na so!

Mama Joe: Tombra no be better Woman! She no be wife at all! She be witch!

Ogiri: I no do Tombra anything O! The only crime wey I commit be say I lost my job! Just for her to be patient and support me, she no gree! She don forget say the down fall of a man, (Uncle and Mama Joins to end the proverb) is not the end of his life!

Uncle: Very selfish, greedy and wicked woman! Imagine her building a duplex in her Village out of the proceeds of a business you set up for her yet she could not pay her Children’s Schools fees let alone give you some money to start up something or at least to survive with pending when things would improve! But come o, Ogori, how far nah! You know nah!

Ogiri: oh! Uncle, that side? Na me dey run now o! They dey rush me like cold beer! (Laughs)

Uncle Joe: (Laughing) I trust you! I trust you! Look just relax make my Wife help you find better woman from here, a well-educated and well trained Kalabari Girl wey go love and value yoy!

Mama Joe: My husband no worry, trust me nah! I go get you my friend daughter, she be graduate too but na better girl, she sabi cook well well, I go teach am all your favourite dishes!

Ogiri: (Jubilation) yes o! (Hugs Mama) thank you! Thank you! I trust you! So when I go meet the girl nah?

Mama: No worry, the next time wey you want to come here, just call us in advance so that I go take style invite her come here.

Ogiri: Okay I trust you! Mama de mama! (Hugs her, hugs Uncle and dashes to his car) make I dey run go Abuloma! Una bye bye o!


Exit and fade.






Dandy’s bar: Night: The Bar is full with Customers: beautiful coloured revolving lightings adorn the bush bar. The tempo is high and some Customer are dancing to the music of Patoranking  ‘Girlie o’ featuring Tiwa Savage. At the far end of the Bar, the Boys are gathered around two plastic tables placed side by side so as to accommodate more persons. The Boys are in a celebration mood as there is assortment of drinks and eatables on their table, they also have five beautiful Girls from Campus to spice up the Table.


Tope:  Old boy! Ta- ta- ta (Others chorus, Tamuno!) ehen! Tamuno! Ta -Thank you fo- for the life of our friend o! I mean La –la- la (Lanky! Others chorus) ehen! Lanky! Yo-  you try I beg!

Tamuno: (Puffs out Cigarette smoke) Na God o!  He was just lucky the opportunity came at the right time (Puffs out more smoke) you Guys should help me to thank Lanky also o! The Guy has turned my Company around! In fact he is the man with a Midas touch! Every one in the Company praise him for his leadership style, our Market share and profit margin has risen significantly since he took over Tamuno farms  six months ago! (Applause and cat cries from all presen; Dandy approach the Table with his Heineken Bottle handy, he drinks straight from the Bottle, he greets every one on the table a pulls a Chair for himself, Lanky rises to speak)

Lanky:  Gentle men and Ladies!

Tope: Sho-sho- shut up! It is ladies fe- fe- first! Oya rephrase!

Lanky: Oh my bad! Ladies and gentle men! Let me use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you here, what would I have done without the likes of you Guys in my life?

Tope: yo –yo- you for don die nah! Na God sa-save you fro- fro -from your Wife! Ma-madam Thatcher! (All laugh)

Lanky: Like seriously, na God save me true true o! He saved me through Friends like una. I thank my Oga here (refers to Tamuno) na my Friend before- before o! But now levels don change! He pays my salary now so he is my Boss! I respect you sir! (Bows before Tamuno) he saved my life and brought me out of a shameful situation! May God bless you sir! And I promise to continue to work hard to take Tamuno Farms limited to greater heights! (General applause)

Tope: You -you get cho-choice? If you do any how, you go- go see any how nah! (All laugh)

Lanky: Dandy! (He leaves his seat and goes round to hug Dandy, he held unto Dandy and he begins to Sob)

Tope: na- na wetin dey do am? He don drink?

Njoku: Tope can’t you be quiet? Must you talk? Are you the only one here? Nna, na wa for you o!

Tope: sho-shut up your mouth! Na na your mouth I dey ta-take talk? How a whole man go -go just start to- to dey cry like mumu and yo- you say make I- I no talk? You dey craze? Abi yo-you don drink too?

Brian: Yoruba Man, shut up your mouth! Na only you dey here?

Tope: (Stands up angrily) you? You dey craze! I dey talk, you day talk! (He sits down and pours himself a glass of drink, he pulls a plate of Chicken and begins to gnaw) yeye People! (Mouth full) is it normal to see a man cry?

(Lanky is taken back to his seat by Brian, Lanky shakes hand with Brian and continues his speech)

Lanky: I am sorry, I got emotional, I am very sorry, but you will not understand. When I was down and out, it was Dandy that took me in, I came here every night to eat and drink free of charge!

Tope: (Interrupts) Idiot! Is that why you are crying?

Njoku: Tope!

Tope: Na wetin nah?

Lanky: make una leave Tope I beg! Na him way! As I was saying, Dandy never for one day made me feel like I was a liability to him! Even when I had some change to pay for a meal, he refused to collect any dime from me. His Staff and even his Wife never knew I was eating and drinking free of charge else they would have given me a polite insult some day, but it never happened! They still respected me as if I was still working and spending large as usual.

Tope: yo-you are lucky I-I did not know yo-you were eating free all these da-days! I -I for no dey dash yo-you Money nah! Oloshi! (Gulps from his bottle of Jack Daniels)

Lanky: Tope, you don dey drunk I know!

Tope: Idiot! Yo-you get mouth to-to dey call me drunkard now abi? Yeye man!

Brian: (Exclaims) Kai! Na who give this yeye Yoruba Man Spirit to drink this night? Una no know say Tope no dey drink Spirit? Na who give am?

Njoku: Na small Pikin? Anybody force am? No be for Table the Drink dey? No be him choose am by himself?

Brian: I no want make wetin happen for Casablanca last Month happen here o! I no fit carry person o!

Tope: wetin happen for Casablanca? Idiot! Hic!

Lanky: gentle men! I owe Dandy a lot! That I could fuel my Car, that I had a little change now and then was courtesy of Dandy and I owe my new come back to Dandy! Dandy spoke to Mr. Tamuno about my situation and here we are today! I beg a standing ovation for Dandy!

(All stand up to appreciate Dandy except Tope, as others sit down after clapping, Tope gets up and begins to clap)

Njoku: (At one of the Girls on the Table) Come! Babe oya carry your Guy comot for here! This Man go soon embarrass you here I swear!

Brian: He will embarrass himself, not the poor Girl!

Tope: (Stops clapping and clutches his Stomach) ye! I beg wey the road to Toilet here? I want shit!

Brian: (Shouts) kai! Wahala don set! Oya come quick! Njoku, oya help me carry am I beg! You sabi wetin wan happen so o! Na Casablanca part two wan happen so o! (Brian and Njoku help Tope off the scene hurriedly)




Ogiri’s House: Tombra is pacing to and fro while talking on the phone

Tombra: Hello! Hello! Akpors I don’t understand what you are saying o! When are the goods arriving nah? It is over a month now and I am yet to take delivery! Remember I collected Loan to finance this business o! My banker is already on my neck! (Silence…..)

No! No! No! I can’t wait any longer! Things are hard for me already! My Sales van has Engine problem, I need to change the Engine! Sales are poor these days and I cannot Stock all the necessary goods because I diverted money into this business! (Silence…….)

(Shouts) Me? Why? I can’t spend any more money! Even my project in the Village has been suspended! I used it as collateral for the loan! (Silence….)

From where do I get it? I paid in Nine million naira and I am yet to see the goods! How do you expect me to pay in more money? I don’t have it! Hello? Hello? (She looks at the phone; she redials the number and puts phone to her ear) Switched off? How can it be switched off? (She redials and puts Phone to her ear, and then she shouts) Lie! What’s wrong with this network? Someone that I just spoke with now?  (She storms out of the scene.)










Interior: provision Shop- products are scantily displayed on shelves, two sales Girls standing by as Tombra  moves to and fro  looking agitated while dialling her Phone ceaselessly.

Tombra: (Soliloquizing aloud) Chai! One chance! I don enter one chance! Ye! Ye ye! (Hands on her head) my own don kpafuka for Port Harcourt! Ha! My own don finish! (To the girls) Did you girls say you have not seen Akpors!

Girls: No Madam!

Tombra: (Tries the phone call again) Chai! I don die! I don die! (Stamps feet on the ground) her Phone has been off for over a week now! I went to her Office, it was locked up! People around said she has relocated, relocated to where nah?! No one knows! Ye! My own don finish! I do enter correct one chance! (Walling) where do I start from? I collected a load of six million naira from the bank, plus my own three million naira! (To the girls) No be nine million naira be that?

Girls: Na so Madam!

Tombra: All my savings are gone! Look at my Shop! (Gesticulates) look! Look! Na wetin remain here? Every thing don finish! I used my building as collateral; I also used my family land at Rukpokwu as Collateral for this loan! Ha! Family land! What do I tell my Father and my brothers? My Bank will confiscate all these properties! Ha! Which kain wahala be dis o! Where or whom do I run to now? So this is how I have become a victim of 419? A whole me! Kai! Water don pass Garri o! (Wailing continues as two plain clothes detectives and two bank Officials enter the Shop)  hey! Dem don come o! (She collapses on a chair crying.)

Man 1: Officers, this is the woman! Mrs. Tombra Ogiri!

Police Officer: Madam! Madam! Are you Tombra Ogiri? (Tombra looks up and nods her head)

Police Officer:  Please you are wanted at the Office in respect of the loan you collected from your bank over six months ago! Please close the Shop and come with us!

(Tombra  keeps nodding her head in affirmation, she stands up and looks the Shop all over, the Police ushers her and her girls outside and close the Shop.






A seasoned salesman, a logistician, a lover of Literature. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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