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We heard the news and also in the papers we read,

How people went about in search of their daily bread,

Unknown to them that in the path they thread,

Laid a fellow who was about to strike a hundred with dread,


And just like clock work they struck again,

A gigantic conflagration as though fueled by propane,

Our innocent brothers and sisters were decimated and slain,

and the sight they left can cause instant migraine,


Not too far away a similar scene is replicated with utmost impunity,

Our supposed leaders looting our treasuries at every opportunity,

Not minding the consequences on their own names and dignity,

And the ripple effect dealt on our security and unity,


Reproduction of corruption is now the portion of our nation,

Our leaders go about smearing greed all over like lotion,

They hinder and inhibit our economy’s once agile motion,

And this results in the drain and dearth of our joyful emotion,


Our misguided armed cowards, 234 girls from Chibok they took,

We have searched from Sambisa to Cameroon through every cranny and nook,

And when we turned to our leaders their pathetic heads they shook,

While all nations of the world to Nigeria they look,


Its now a battle of who can loot more resources to corpses,

Money missing in billions as if perpetrated by diabolic forces,

Yet we are busy raining down insults and constantly shouting curses,

While our ill minded cowards cum leaders are enjoying lavish resorts and expensive cruises,


But I still have bright and glistening hope,

And so I will not just sit by and mope,

But rather pray that as in darkness in the day these ones will grope,

While a glorious future of our great nation we will build and deliver like an anticipated envelope.


A seasoned salesman, a logistician, a lover of Literature. My ideas and stories are a product of my up bringing and social environment.

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